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Gameplay Security Engineer - XDefiant

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Solid C/C++ development skills, Experience in developing and implementing key gameplay systems.

Key responsabilities:

  • Analyze the game ecosystem for exploits
  • Ensure server-client interactions are secure beyond theory
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Company Description

Ubisoft is composed of over 20,000 talented people located in 55+ development studios and offices across the globe. With more than 80% of our teams dedicated to creation, Ubisoft is the biggest in-house creative force in the industry.

Based in Osaka, Japan, the studio formerly known as Digital Kids was acquired by Ubisoft in 2008. Since then, the studio has accumulated extensive development experience across console, handheld, and mobile platforms.
Ubisoft Osaka developed "South Park™ The Fractured But Whole™" in collaboration with Ubisoft's San Francisco studio, and now produces AAA-level titles such as "Rocksmith+" and " XDefiant".
In the future, the company plans to leverage its close working relationship with Ubisoft San Francisco to expand the size of the studio while focusing on the development of further AAA projects.

Ubisoft’s worldwide network of video game development studios and business offices work hand-in-hand each day to deliver rich and innovative gaming experiences that reflect the creativity and diversity of their teams. This cross-studio collaboration model means every team member has the opportunity to participate in challenging projects based on iconic brands including Assassin's Creed®, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege®, Tom Clancy's The Division®, For Honor®, Rabbids®, Rayman®, Watch Dogs®, Far Cry®, The Crew®, Just Dance® and more. Ubisoft is a global leader in the video games and entertainment software industry.

Ubisoft is committed to enriching player’s lives with original and memorable gaming experiences. We create worlds where people can express themselves, explore and discover new possibilities. 


Ubisoft Osakaは、もともと日本のゲーム開発会社であるデジタルキッズをUbisoftが2008年に買収したことで誕生しました。その後、Ubisoft San Franciscoスタジオと共同で『South Park™ The Fractured But Whole™』を開発し、現在では『Rocksmith+』や『XDefiant』といったAAA級タイトルを制作しています。今後は、Ubisoft San Franciscoスタジオとの緊密な協力関係を活かし、スタジオの規模拡大と共に、さらなるAAA級タイトルの開発に注力していく予定です。

Ubisoftは世界中にある開発スタジオと、ビジネスオフィス同士のネットワークを大切にしており、他国のスタジオと共同開発を行う形式(クロススタジオモデル)を採用しています。この開発モデルならではの、チームの多様性や創造力が反映された、革新的なゲームの提供を目指しています。また、同モデルにより、開発者各人が、Assassin's Creed®, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege®, Tom Clancy's The Division®, For Honor®, Rabbids®, Rayman®, Watch Dogs®, Far Cry®, The Crew®, Just Dance®などの著名シリーズの開発に携わる機会があります。Ubisoftは世界のゲーム・エンターテインメント業界を牽引する存在です。


最後に、Ubisoft Osakaでは、様々な国や地域から集まった優秀な人材がクリエイティブな活動を日々行っています。あなたもこの輪の中に加わってみませんか?

Job Description

Keeping out the cheaters and making the game environment fair for everyone is a constant challenge and a rewarding struggle. We all know how important it is to give people the chance to show off their skills without having to contend with script kiddies running aimbots.

Think you have what it takes to make the next generation of games a place people want to play? Join XDefiant and show us your game security skills and help us lock out the losers who need cheats to even be on the leader board.

We are looking for a highly talented, motivated, and experienced person to work with us on XDefiant, a new multiplatform online multiplayer action game. XDefiant is a free-to-play, fast-paced arena shooter that combines intense combat with personalized loadouts and specialized factions, as teams battle for domination.

You’ll be working to make the game client and servers are as secure as possible, so we can ensure that our users get the best, fairest game experience possible. Working to make sure the game server data is secure and validated, blocking game exploits, and helping create the best possible play environment. You will work with a small, collaboration-oriented team where you will have the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways. 



  • Analyze the game ecosystem for exploits
  • Ensure that server logic and server-client interactions are secure and validated
  • Collaborate with the networking team to harden and optimize network traffic
  • Maintain and extend documentation on gameplay security best practices
  • Self-manage programming task schedule updates and coordinate with production team
  • Ensure that your code meets the team's coding standards to deliver high quality and maintainable code 



  • Solid C/C++ development skills
  • Several shipped titles as Gameplay or Game Security Engineer
  • Experience in developing and implementing key gameplay systems
  • Autonomous, problem-solving, and open-minded attitude
  • Debugging and analytical skills

Learn more about XDefiant here -
Learn more about the Snowdrop engine here -

Required profile


Industry :
Spoken language(s):
Check out the description to know which languages are mandatory.

Soft Skills

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Team Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Open-Mindedness

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