About Jobgether

How it started

Jobgether was "born and raised" during Covid times based on the strong belief that the future of work will be flexible and the observation that the future is actually happening now.

Our initial motivation for launching Jobgether was to help everyone find the perfect job for him without effort. Month after month, we realized that flexibility was becoming the most important component of job matching for white collars talents. The majority of our users and more broadly talents rank flexibility as a top criterion to search for a job.

For us, flexibility can be split into 3 dimensions: I decide where (location), when (hours) and how (type of contract/relationship with employer) to work.

We decided to focus on what we believe is the biggest revolution in the labor market since the industrial revolution: the move to flexible and remote jobs.

Our ambition

We aim at becoming the #1 talent platform globally to find a job for white collar workers.

Our mission

We help talents to find a job matching their lifestyle and contribute to their freedom.

Remote work place

Jobgether a "freemote" company

  • We don’t have any office, our talents work from wherever they want, whenever they want, with flexible contract conditions.
  • They decide what is good for them and we trust them to do their best to achieve their goals.
  • Freedom and accountability are the 2 pillars of our HR vision.

Shift in HR industry towards a lifestyle-based career

Not only this move to more flexibility has a huge impact on workers’ well-being, but it also deeply impacts the recruiting industry by moving from local to global talent pools. Beyond the HR industry it will impact the whole economy as our society has been entirely designed on the assumption that people would “go to work” every day: transportation, food, retail, leisure…everything is meant to address either the individual or the workers. The future will be blurred and hybrid. The entire economy will reshape around this new approach to work.

Remote work employee
Remote work employee

We believe that this rapid shift, accelerated by the Covid crisis, will lead to a more fulfilling and balanced approach to work for individuals. This is what we call a “lifestyle-based career”. It’s not your personal life that has to adapt to your professional constraints but the other way around…as it should have always been. Every talent has the right to decide where and how he wants to live, then adjust his work conditions to this lifestyle.

In this context, we consider that companies - mostly large traditional ones - who try to push back this trend will disappear because they will not be able to attract not only gen Z top talents but also gen X and Y who changed their approach to work-life balance during the Covid crisis. On the other side of the spectrum, visionary companies will be able to attract the best talents from all over the world by giving them the level of freedom and autonomy they need to give the best of themselves.

We remote to change the world!

Flexible work makes a great leap forward to harnessing inclusivity and diversity. When remote work comes in - it removes barriers and builds an environment with a level playing field for people regardless their backgrounds or from which nook or corner of the world they come from. They just team up and create together. In the long run, you do not need a fancy office to create great products.

Such teams can often do their best work by choosing people from all over the world, giving preference to more talented candidates over those who happen to live nearby.

Emphasis on skills, not proximity!

Flex score - an unique and exclusive feature to make your search process more meaningful

World location map

Our offer targets talents who have realized the unlimited opportunities that this revolution of work involves, but still struggle to find jobs aligned with their lifestyle. Our research show that they face 2 major difficulties:

  • Lack of a single place to search across all jobs available globally: most job boards and search engines mix traditional and flexible jobs, and are not designed to get access to jobs that can be performed from anywhere. Remote specialists only cover a small percentage of the offers available. None is truly global.
  • Lack of transparency and details on flexibility conditions: remote…but full remote or hybrid? Flexible hours…really? Can I be a slasher? Can I work only 4 days/week? Can I be a freelancer?

Our product addresses these pain points by giving talents access to all flexible/remote jobs worldwide in 1 click through a simple search engine and providing all the details they need to find the one that is fully aligned with their lifestyle. To do so, we aggregate all flexible job offers, moderate and enrich them to make them meaningful for talents. One of the key exclusive features we offer is the “flexscore” that we dynamically calculate for every job and company.

Of course, this service is for free ;-)

Jobgether partners with the best flex-oriented companies

On the B2B side, Jobgether addresses flex companies - start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns…and very soon large international groups - who struggle to value their efforts to be more flexible as they are overwhelmed by thousands of other jobs that do not provide talents with the right level of details on flexibility. They need to differentiate and be the most attractive for a specific segment: flex-minded talents. Such companies can list all their jobs on Jobgether for free. If they want to stand out from the crowd as the talent shortage is growing, they can subscribe to a Premium account, giving them access to a fully detailed Company Page highlighting their flex conditions and premium visibility in the search engine.

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