Gone are the days you had to go to work everyday!

"Going to the office" is an expression inherited from a world where it was imperative to carry out one’s job in a production unit, with machines that could not be transported. In an era where the tools of the trade are laptops and smartphones, why bother with this constraint, which has serious consequences for the environment and the well-being of workers, who are sometimes forced to travel for three hours a day?

The covid crisis accelerated the revolution that was already on its way. Tomorrow, workplaces will be hybrid, third places and coworking will be everywhere, and everyone will choose the mix of face-to-face and telework that really suits them. Despite the last convulsions of the old onsite schemes, companies will adapt to these new talent requirements and it will no longer be possible to impose a single model for all.
Chosen flexibility will be the norm!

With Jobgether, you can choose the job that allows you to work at your own pace, in the way that suits you!

Remote work employee
30 %

Of office time could disappear by 2030 according to Bill Gates

40 %

of American employees say they would look for a new job if

A global market. Talent is everywhere...
so are great jobs!

But beyond teleworking, it is the labour market that is becoming truly global with the possibility of working from anywhere - and even from everywhere for digital nomads. It could be for a company whose headquarters are located at the other end of the planet...or which has no office, as is the case at Jobgether.

In an increasingly tight executive job market where talent is in short supply, the opportunities for candidates are becoming endless. However, the current means of finding a job, designed for a geographically constrained world, are proving to be very inefficient.

This is why, with Jobgether , borders no longer exist!

Remote work location
32 countries

countries have already set up visas for digital nomads.Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, offer "remote first" jobs

86 %

of French companies have received requests for remote work from their employees and 74% of them have approved these requests

I am more than just my resume!

The most sought-after talents of tomorrow will be creative and have important social and relational skills. However, these dimensions cannot be measured by reading a CV.

Recruitment is still too often based on the analysis of past experience, studies and jobs, and not on a match in terms of expectations, personality, desires, etc.

This pattern, which was adapted to linear careers at a time when skills were acquired for life, no longer makes much sense in a world where you have to learn and reinvent yourself constantly.

At Jobgether, we understand this and we approach the candidate in their entirety and uniqueness! Finding your ideal job is not just about function, salary and sector. Your lifestyle and the way you want to work are just as important as anything else!

Remote work employee
85 %

of jobs in 2030 do not exist yet

96 %

of recruiters believe that soft skills are important or very important (source: Regionsjob 2020)

Gone are the days of
struggling at work!

Being forced into work and losing one's life to earn it is less and less acceptable for the increasingly coveted talent.

The combination of awareness, reinforced by the COVID crisis, and tensions in the labour market, is leading to a situation where candidates are taking back the power during the recruitment process, but also throughout their career.

At the same time, there is increasing societal pressure for companies to ensure that working conditions are compatible with employee fulfilment. Mental health, which has deteriorated sharply in the workplace in recent decades, is thus the focus of attention of the authorities, the media and an increasing number of companies every day.

33 %

are unhappy with their job

40 %

plan to change jobs in the next 6 months

Un homme fatigué, allongé sur son lit et entouré d'objet
43 %

of employees worldwide say they are stressed (+5 pts in 1 year) (Source: Gallup 2021)

63 %

of French workers feel that their work lacks meaning

At Jobgether, we believe that this rebalancing is beneficial for everyone and we want to support it:
we want our talents to be fulfilled in their job. This will lead to less suffering at work and more commitment.

33 %

are unhappy with their job

40 %

plan to change jobs in the next 6 months

Free like the wind !

For a long time, the permanent contract was the holy grail for executives, while the so-called precarious contracts, fixed-term contracts and freelancing, were only considered as a fallback solution.

Today, choosing to be self-employed has become a choice for many P&MS and not only in the tech sector. The contract is no longer so important as the interest for the mission and the desire for freedom increasingly outweighs the feeling of security that a permanent contract can bring.

If exclusivity is not your cup of tea and you wish to combine several jobs, you may even find recruiters who allow you "slashing"!

With Jobgether, the contract is à la carte! We do not oppose permanent employment and freelancing, and you can find the type of contract that suits you.

Remote work location
35 %

of millenials are freelancers in France

93 %

of French companies work with freelancers