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Luko a Remote company

Insurtech: Insurance + Technology
Founded in 2018https://www.luko.eu

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Flex policy

Remote First
Unlimited Holidays

Luko is a remote-friendly organisation: We encourage people to work from where they feel happiest - as long as you are within a 3-hour timezone of our Paris HQ. Offering flexibility to work when or where you choose, which might mean from the convenience of your home or from one of our offices in Paris, Berlin. We cover fees for remote talent (excl. freelancers) to participate in our annual team buildings in order to create momentum all together and get to know each other better. We also offer a travel allowance if you're visiting the office (excl. freelancers) Luko also offers an unlimited days-off policy : We decided to go further than the legal basis because we truly believe these perks and policies highly contribute to improving wellness, enhancing work-life balance and empowering Lukooms.

Where? Geo flexibility

Remote policy

Positions available in full remote


Our "No border policy" at Luko means we guarantee we have what it takes to be a truly global and fair company. European startups are tremendous environments for talent to flourish, but complicated compliance could deter worldwide talent from joining. We want to unlock the potential of European companies by opening the door to global talent. Being a global company means we welcome talent from any country, origin, and language, as long as they at least speak English and are located within a 3 hours time difference. We believe that the Future of Work is now and as a European startup it is definitely time to stop thinking local and act global. We are committed to making this work, so we have put in place policies to ensure everyone at Luko is treated equally and is given support to overcome traditional boundaries, enabling them to flourish.

Work environment

Work from home : Full-time remote: People in full-time remote are working most of the time from another place than the office, often their own home. They are fully equipped at home and may sometimes work from a different place (another home, our office, co-working space...). They sign a specific contract with a remote clause.

Work from our Offices if you want : Occasional remote / home-working: People working in occasional remote / home working are working most of their time in our office. They are fully equipped in our office and need to make sure that they are well-equipped to sometimes work from a different place (from home, co-working space, another place...)

When? Time flexibility

Working time

Working hours

Partly Flexible : At Luko we value ownership in all its declinations and are strong believers in Remote organizations. We believe that as reliable people, all Lukooms are able to organize their work in the best way. We allow them to choose the start and end times for their workday as long as they are fully available for calls/hangouts during working hours (unless they are unavailable or focused on a specific task). This offers an opportunity to better manage their time. To facilitate the collaboration with all Lukooms, we have set a couple of principles internally.

Working days

From Monday to Friday : A regular week is 5 working days/week

Possibility to work some days per month on side projects (volunteer, entrepreneur..) : Lukooms can volunteer 1 day every two months Every Luko team member, from interns to full-time Lukooms, is encouraged and empowered to participate in volunteer activities through paid time off. Lukooms can contribute their time and talents to Luko's Giveback charities : Simplon, Terre&Humanisme, Emmaus and Habitat&Humanisme.

Holiday Policy

Unlimited Holidays

At Luko we are all committed to an incredible journey, we are all playing hard to reach our ambitious goals and it is just the beginning! That being said, every Lukoom needs to find room for work-life balance in their daily lives. Because we strongly believe in ownership in every way, we also think that everyone can manage their time the right way. We also want to focus only on what matters: results. So here is our **Days-off policy**. 💙 Every Lukoom with a permanent-term contract will have unlimited paid days-off.** Unlimited days-off means more freedom and also more responsibility. You have the freedom to organize yourself as you want, and also more responsibility to deliver and allow others to deliver.

How? Contractual flexibility

Full time : You need stability and security, we obviously offer full time.

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At Luko

Our workers are global self-starters and come from all walks of life. Between all of them, we speak all these different languages:


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