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Security Consultant
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Security Consultant
30+ days ago


75% Flex
Full remote
  • 106 - 141K
  • Remote: United States

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A $1.5-trillion cybercrime industry is evolving faster than your defenses. They say there’s no gain without pain. We’re not buying that. Welcome to Alsid, the creators of the AD security solution built on 4 pillars: FIX existing weaknesses with intel-driven insights, threat scores, cost estimates, and custom step-by-step recommendations. HARDEN against future vulnerabilities to break attack paths and keep your threat exposure in check. DETECT attacks in real time with continuous IoE monitoring and empower your threat hunters with AD-native investigation capabilities. RESPOND to threats at machine-speed, replay attacks to hunt for patient zero, and kick persistence mechanisms out for good. No agents. No privileges. No nonsense. Just fix, harden, detect, respond. Join the 6 million strong protected by Alsid for AD, and subscribe for guides, product reviews, technology news, and more. (Yes, we're hiring.)