District Vice President of Operations

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Full time
Expert & Leadership (>10 years)
12 - 23 K yearly
Remote from:United States
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District Vice President of Operations

72% Flex
Remote: Full Remote
Contract: Full time
Salary: 12 - 23K yearly
Experience: Expert & Leadership (>10 years)
Work from: United States...

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Bachelor's degree, 3-5 years of multi-unit operations experience.

Key responsabilities:

  • Ensure schools meet loyalty, academic, and financial targets
  • Hire, train, and develop exceptional leadership teams
  • Maintain high-quality academic programs in schools
  • Support opening activities for new schools
  • Foster and steward Fusion's unique culture
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Fusion Academy

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Summary: Throughout the defined district, ensure all schools perform at or beyond expectations for the key school and student measures of success. Specifically, schools should meet 1) employee, student and parent loyalty targets as measured by surveys 2) academic performance as measured by MAP or other defined measures of academic outcomes 3) revenue and EBITDA targets.

Note: Person will work from home when not travelling to their schools. This position requires the individual to travel three days per week to schools in their assigned district. The district for this role will cover leading teams for Fusion campuses in the Fusion Southwest "District" geographically: Texas, Arizona, and South Florida. Person shall live in one of those states, or be willing to relocate to one of them, in order to perform duties of the role. Travel is significant.

About Fusion: To learn more about Fusion's Mission and Culture please view this video and www.fusionacademy.com

Day To Day

In achieving results day to day, DVP’s will adhere to the following operating standards and deliver expected outcomes:

  • Ensure A-level leadership teams at our schools and district.
  • Fusion School Quality
  • Ensure collaboration with the district team and corporate to deliver to our schools.
  • Be the organizational ambassador to carry and promote the Fusion vision and instill a positive culture throughout the district.

Outcome 1: Meet or exceed budgeted enrollment and EBITDA targets at each school.

  • Meet or exceed the annual billable hours budget/target at each school.
  • Meet or exceed the annual EBITDA targets at each school.

Outcome 2: Hire and develop leadership teams that deliver exceptional results and instill the Fusion culture and values.

  • Meet or exceed targeted Parent and Employee Loyalty NPS Scores
  • Partner with the HOS in hiring, onboarding, and developing the leadership team
  • Effective management of the bento box to ensure strong leadership on each campus (annual on-time performance evaluations, performance plans, and leadership development rhythms)
  • Maintain and nurture a leadership bench.

Outcome 3: Ensure that schools deliver high quality academic program.

  • FEPs and IROCs are high quality and consistent
  • 30/60/90 Teacher Evaluation and Classroom Observation compliance
  • File check and course completion compliance
  • Student record compliance
  • LMS/SIS compliance
  • DSD Supertool compliance
  • Ensure recommended Ed Department training and professional development compliance (NFO, Wellness, Community Minds, planned PDs, etc.)

Outcome 4: Support NSO activities for any school preparing to open in the district.

  • Lead all admin hiring for new schools
  • Support on-boarding process for new admin
  • Support Regional Director of New Schools to ensure teams are operationally ready and open on target with key metrics

Outcome 5: Maintain and steward the Fusion culture by fostering a school environment and vision that is consistent with Fusion’s culture manifesto and checklists.

  • Annually complete the culture checklist at each school, providing recommendations to the HOS and school leadership team.
  • Annually meet with the entire staff at each school, reviewing FEG’s annual one-page strategic plan and discussing key issues and concerns with the employees.
  • Partner with HOS to ensure the entire staff is participating in annual strategic planning.

Outcome 6: Manage the Fusion defined meeting rhythm, including:

  • Visit each school every 6 weeks (monthly preferred) or more if needed
  • 6+ MPOPs per year with each campus in the district.
  • Once per year, meet with teachers at each campus, sharing a FEG update.
  • 8+ face-to-face HOS meeting each year
  • Support quarterly and annual school-level strategic planning
  • Host mid-year reviews to showcase schools, allow connection to FEG/departments and share celebrations and challenges
  • Participation on district/regional meetings: daily huddle, weekly regional ops meeting, monthly regional ops meeting, weekly DVP huddle (as needed), weekly DVP meeting, and feed weekly district success teams.
  • Coordinate key positional meetings in the district. DO's, DSD’s, AD’s to meet at least twice per year (F2F Highly Preferable). RDOS's or RDO’s (with support of positional lead) should own the meeting. Districts can be combined for efficiency.
  • Target to spend an average of 3 days per week on a campus.

Outcome 7: Act as liaison between FEG corporate and district support functions. Provide specific attention to:

  • E2P process and accounting related activities.
  • Admissions and outreach process with focus on SFDC.
  • IVIR conversion metric with a focus on conversion percentages.
  • Assist schools with employee relations; flare-ups, growth management (9 box) of campus staff, and employee management systems/processes.
  • Assist schools with parent/student relations; flare-ups, student populations, accounting struggles, and all parent facing systems/processes.
  • Labor management, including adherence to the defined staffing model.
  • Identify curricula alignment issues and partnership with the education department
  • Accreditation – support efforts to secure and maintain accreditation at each campus.

Experience Required

  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree
  • 3 to 5 years of multi-unit and multi-state operations experience
  • Proven record of achieving results
  • Proven follow-through on commitments, persistence, problem-solving ability
  • Ability to hire and develop “A” players,
  • Calm under pressure, strong listening/communication skills
  • Influential
  • Desire to create and improve academic programs and school culture
  • Understand and lead the sales process and provide “celebrity” customer experiences
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Successful execution of core systems and processes

Position Requirements

Please See Above

About the Organization Fusion Academy is a revolutionary alternative, accredited private school for grades 6-12 that offers a fully individualized classroom: one student, one teacher. As the nationwide leader in one to one schooling, Fusion Academy has campuses throughout the country.

Every student at Fusion is unique - some students are accelerated learners; some need flexible scheduling; and others have special learning needs due to attention challenges, learning differences, or social and emotional difficulties. No matter why students come to Fusion, our model is simple - through compassion and acceptance, Fusion students learn on their terms, on their schedule, and in their learning style.

Our model is a unique academic program offering services year-round on a rolling admissions basis. Our environment is highly personal and socially inclusive. Equal emphasis is placed on students' emotional well-being as it is on academic achievements. In addition to full time enrollment, students at Fusion Academy may take a class for credit or enroll in our tutoring/mentoring program.

The Fusion culture offers a special place to work, teach, and learn. Fusionites are a special brand of educators--they are creative, passionate, embrace change, and have fun! They communicate honestly and with compassion to both students and colleagues. People join the Fusion family for more than just a paycheck; they seek to work with peers who share these values. And because Fusion is growing rapidly, we offer considerable opportunity for career advancement throughout the country.
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Level of experience:Expert & Leadership (>10 years)
Industry :
Spoken language(s):
Check out the description to know which languages are mandatory.

Soft Skills

  • Proven record of achieving results
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Proactive problem-solving mindset
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

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