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Mid to Sr Backend Systems Engineer (Cloud)

72% Flex
Full Remote
Full time
Mid-level (2-5 years)
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Mid to Sr Backend Systems Engineer (Cloud)

72% Flex
Remote: Full Remote
Contract: Full time
Experience: Mid-level (2-5 years)
Work from: Philippines

Offer summary

Qualifications: Minimum 3 years experience in a related field, Solid project-level experience with JavaScript and web-based programming languages, Familiarity with NodeJS, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, Proficiency in CSS frameworks, Git Version control, CI/CD, and browser testing.

Key responsabilities:

  • Develop recyclable code libraries and security systems
  • Create cloud data pipelines for transformation of data
  • Maintain server side assets including code structure
  • Manage front-end application usability and server optimization
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Marketing & AdvertisingSME

201 - 500 Employees

Job description

Logo JobgetherYour missions

WebFX is a proud Google Premier Partner with 5 offices in the US as well as an office in Guatemala and another in Cape Town, South Africa, where we are a registered employee as WebFX South Africa! We are continuing to expand worldwide and would love for you to be a part of that! In fact, we doubled in size in the past 5 years and are projecting to once again double in size and be a global, publicly traded tech company by the year 2030 - operating in every continent, servicing clients globally. We currently have talented team members across the globe (representing 18+ Countries) who work remotely full time and have done so for 10+ years.

No matter where you’re located, we’d love to have you join our mission of providing world-class digital marketing solutions to mid-size businesses on a global scale. We thrive on driving business growth for our clients and are looking for people who take pride in their marketing efforts and enjoy having fun at the same time. Sound like you? Great! Keep reading:

Why Choose WebFX

We've been named the #1 best place to work in our headquarter's home state of Pennsylvania for 8 years in a row and offer the same culture and benefits to our global, remote team members. Along with a very competitive base pay, we offer company profit sharing, performance bonuses, On-going learning bonuses (yes, you get paid to learn!) and time zone differential pay. World class digital marketing training, long term career track, Health Insurance (including dental, vision, remote doctor, etc), and there's seriously a ton of other benefits! To name just a few:

  • If you’re located in one of our operating countries (Guatemala or South Africa), this is a Full-time (non-contract based) position. Either way, WebFX offers long term stability to all of our FXFamily members. In fact, many of our global/remote team members have been with WebFX for 9+ years and we’re hopeful you can be too!
  • We put our people first, it’s as simple as that. You’re never on your own - when you run into inevitable challenges, we’re there to support you along the way!
  • Long-lasting relationships with both clients and team members due to consistently low turnover rates that are simply unheard of in our industry, because again, we put our people first.
  • Fully Remote or hybrid/in-office options if you prefer and are within commuting distance of one of our international locations (Antigua, Guatemala and Cape Town, South Africa). 🏡
  • Fully equipped in-home office setup including computer, dual large monitors, headset, seriously fast internet, generator and more! 🖥️
  • Be part of a rapidly growing company that at the same time only partners with clients who share our values🌱📈
  • Unrestricted access to our dozens of proprietary softwares/platforms our internal R&D team has developed for our team’s exclusive use, in addition to access to the many 3rd party tools and softwares we utilize internally in order to WOW our clients. You can learn more about just some of our proprietary tools here !
  • Merit-based promotional structure
  • We have a very strong commitment to giving back globally - in fact, it’s one of our values here at WebFX. As a member of our FXFamily, you get to be a large part of that simply by achieving your goals - since 2014, we’ve committed to donating globally through our FXBuilds program. You can learn more about that here !

What You'll Get

World-Class Training and Ongoing Career Development

  • No matter your level of experience, our “Bootcamp” web marketing training program is provided for all new WebFX “family members” to learn, grow and develop in and out of the office with the hard skills necessary to be successful in their position.
  • From training with our Award-Winning Sr Developers, Designers and Project Managers to access to countless industry leading online training resources/courses/tutorials to getting experience with nearly 1,500+ different clients with various platforms, digital services and in every industry you can think of (and then some), our training program is simply unrivaled!
  • Training doesn’t stop after your initial training period, we offer career development training and monthly Lunch-and-Learns with our state-of-the-art training amenities to facilitate departmental trainings, industry-related updates, and more!
  • FXLearns program – where you get incentives for taking advantage of our countless industry training resources
  • After 1,500+ clients, we’ve been able to truly master our processes and procedures – you will be trained on all of those - no need to develop how to do things (unless you want to help us continually improve that process!) – because we refuse to ever stagnate, we are always pushing the envelope to make those processes 1% better too!

Opportunities for Growth

WebFX grew 250%+ over the past 3 years both locally and globally, and merit-based promotional opportunities are abundant if you're meeting or exceeding position performance metrics. We believe in growing and promoting our internal team first and foremost. In fact, 95% of our promotions are internal! All team members have a very clearly defined progression path, so you know exactly what is expected of you so you can put your career in your own hands. And what’s more, you’re not expected to know it all - we believe in continually striving to be an expert in your subject matter of expertise – so while we will purposely challenge you to grow in SEO/PPC/Google Analytics, we are a full service agency that has experts in other departments that handle everything else - from link building, social media, web design and web development. So you can truly master your trade.

We're hiring a backend systems developer to help design, grow, and maintaining our server-side of web applications. You'll take the lead of all server side code and APIs of our web applications. You'll be involved in the entire product development lifecycle from design, to development, deployment and maintenance of new and updated features. Ultimately, you’re the lead for all backend activities and will set the bar for quality throughout the team.

If you are looking for a position where your input will be valued, then look no further!

We've been named the best place to work in Pennsylvania for 6 years in a row, and we extend all of the same benefits to our full time remote team. (free internet, FXLearns, PTO/Vacation, Computer/Monitors, health insurance, profit sharing, career growth, etc). On average, our remote full time team members get a 20% raise from their current salary.

Over the past 4.5 years, we've not had any turn over on our international team!

During our call, we can show you a demo of our amazing platform!

Core Responsibilities:

Generate recyclable code libraries

Implement ongoing security systems

Develop cloud data pipelines to transform and process data between systems

Routinely inspect server code for speed optimization

Conceptualize and implement solutions for data storage

Configure usability of all front side applications

Maintain a stable server with zero downtime

Keep a backup library before any large changes to server


3+ year experience in a related field (Cloud Engineer, DevOps/Back-End Dev, etc)

Working experience (internship or full-time) of open source web development

Solid project-level experience with at least one JavaScript based project

Experience with web-based programming languages (e.g. JavaScript, HTML)

Mobile app development and/or React Native experience


Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services

Cloud-based, serverless technologies

Traditional server management

OOP and procedural programming methodologies

Standard Compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

CSS Frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation, Intuit)

JS Frameworks (e.g. jQuery, React, Vue, Backbone)

Git Version control (or other version control software)

Package management and Task Runners (e.g. NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Grunt)

Browser testing abilities using built in developer tools

Previous development firm/agency environment experience a plus


Optional - TensorFlow and Machine Learning

Candidates with experience with AWS RedShift, Kinesis, and Data Pipeline will also be considered

A little more about WebFX: We're a 350+ person web and digital marketing agency based out of Pennsylvania, however we have full time talented employees throughout the world! We currently have team members in 14 countries!

What You'll Do

You’ll be part of a team using the most modern GCP technologies and DevOps workflows such as Kubernetes to expand our product, which supports many day-to-day operations for our team and clients. **

Responsibilities Overview**

  • Build new features to add to our product suite using modern frameworks such as ReactJS and Feathers for NodeJS and deploy using a Continuous Integration model
  • Utilize modern cloud technologies within Google Cloud Platform to ensure high availability
  • Develop projects within individual namespaces pushed to deployment through Kubernetes
  • Determine your own achievable goals within each sprint cycle
  • Collaborate with Project Manager and Quality Assurance Testers to keep project within scope and delivered on time
  • Perform functional testing while also utilizing unit and pipeline tests set up through our Kubernetes and CI/CD deployments.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance using modern full-stack logging technologies
  • Report on project KPIs
  • Explore new technologies and suggest new ways to enhance our roadmap to market velocity and reduce technical debt

Percentage Breakdown

75% building new functionality

10% maintenance and debugging

10% consulting with other team members and clients

5% planning and quoting new functionality **


Our “Bootcamp” web marketing training program will be provided for new WebFX “family members” to learn, grow and develop in and out of the office with the hard skills necessary to be successful in their position.

On-site, state-of-the-art training amenities to facilitate departmental trainings, industry-related updates, and monthly Lunch-and-Learns. **


Negotiable, based on experience

Check out our culture on social media:




Please submit resume or CV (in English) to be considered for this opportunity.

  • You don't need to apply more than once even if you're interested in multiple positions - you can simply let us know! We consider all open roles when reviewing resumes and applications!

WebFX is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to providing and fostering an inclusive environment where all people, including women, minorities, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented groups are supported, respected, and encouraged to excel within STEM careers. Our goal as an organization is to empower our team to achieve their personal best, bring people together, and provide equal opportunity to do so regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability or disability, or political affiliation. You can learn more on our website here !

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Mid-level (2-5 years)
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