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AI Research Engineer (Recommendation Project)

77% Flex
Remote First
Full time

  • Remote from:Turkey

AI Research Engineer (Recommendation Project)

77% Flex
Remote:Remote First
Contract:Full time
Work from:Turkey
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Job description

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As Huawei Turkey R&D Center, we are now looking for Junior/Mid/Senior AI Research Engineers to join our team.

Key areas of responsibility will be:

  • Make research on retrieval, pre-rank, and rank stages of SOTA Recommenders Systems,
  • Design and build scalable ML services,
  • Deploy ML services to production at scale considering resource constraints,
  • Monitoring models to evaluate and improve services online,
  • Play an active role in suggesting, collecting, and preprocessing the data necessary to train the ML models and evaluate performance,
  • Consult with the other teams to determine the requirements and formalize the possible ML research directions.

Essential technical requirements:

A. Basic computer science and programming languages

  • Understanding of data structures, data modeling, and software architecture,
  • Having expertise in object-oriented programming,
  • Ability to write reusable and easily-maintainable code using beautiful and proper design patterns,
  • Ability to write robust and optimized code in Python.
  • Strong programming skills (Python, SQL, etc.) and experience with deep learning frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras)
  • Familiar with development processes (CI/CD, DevOps, MLOps)

B. Machine Learning

  • Solid understanding of Neural Networks in theory such as convex optimization, hessian approximations, conjugate gradient, and Gauss-Newton steps,
  • Familiarity with modern machine learning frameworks.

C. Recommender System, related NLP and Computer Vision fields

  • Proven experience as a Machine Learning/AI Engineer or similar role building largescale recommender systems to solve real live-stream problems,
  • Practical experience in deploying and optimizing ML models in production,
  • Experience in one of the fields: Deep Learning-based recommender models, NLP tasks (vector semantics such as TF-IDF or neural word embeds, entity labeling, text classification, etc.), Computer Vision tasks (such as Optical Character Recognition, Object Classification, Object detection, etc.)

D. Working efficiency

  • Fully-easy working capability in version control systems such as Gitlab or Github,
  • Experience in Docker for building a simulation of the production environment,
  • Solid understanding of JSON file, and schema.

E. Academic

  • Ph.D. degree in computer science, data science, or a related field,
  • Being published in Articles and Proceedings in reputable journals related to recommenders systems such as ACL and SIGIR is a significant plus.

Essential non-technical requirements:

  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken,
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team.

What do we offer?

Competitive salary,
Discount at MSc/Ph.D. programs from several top universities,
Employee Gift Packs for special events,
Online training platforms,
External certification support,
A culture of continuous development: conferences, in-house events & Tech Talks to stay up-to-date on current research and technology.

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