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Copywriter - Direct Response (Global)

72% Flex
Full Remote
  • Remote from:United States

Copywriter - Direct Response (Global)

72% Flex
Remote: Full Remote
Work from: United States

Offer summary

Qualifications: You must be a creative and detail-oriented writer able to produce high volumes of copy meeting deadlines., In-depth knowledge or experience with various forms of copy such as long-form sales letters, video sales letters, and conversion tactics is required..

Key responsabilities:

  • Crafting Long Form Video Sales Letters if needed
  • Writing high-converting scripts for YouTube and Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  • Communicating with clients to understand their needs and creating tailored ad scripts.
  • Conducting research on client, niche, product and competitors for effective copywriting.
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Match working
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Marketing & AdvertisingSME

11 - 50 Employees

Job description

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Dear Copywriter:

We are seeking a talented and passionate copywriter to join our dynamic team. As a copywriter in our digital marketing company, you will be responsible for crafting high-quality, attention-grabbing long and short form copy that drives quantifiable results.

If you're someone who is creative, detail-oriented, and can produce high volumes of work while meeting tight deadlines, then we want you on our team!

If you’re “chomping at the bit” for a chance to make a name for yourself by selling REAL products to REAL consumers at a massive scale…

And you’re sick and tired of working for penny-pinching clients who “don’t get it,” while feeling forever clueless as to how you’ll pay next month’s rent…

Yet you have ZERO interest in relocating to New Jersey to work in-office at a Direct Response Marketing Agency..

Then this unique opportunity is for you.

But before we get to the details…

Here’s what you can expect while working with us:

Get Trained By The Best In The World: As soon as you join our team, you’ll get signed up for Stefan Georgi’s “Copy and Funnel Accelerator.” Each week, you’ll learn from the best copywriters and marketers in the world. Yet even better, you’ll have a REAL business and REAL customers to test these strategies on.

Become A Titan of Direct Response: If you make it through the initial 30-Day Trial Period, you’ll not only supercharge your copywriting chops, but you’ll also see the inside of multiple 7-figure direct response advertising agencies. This means you’ll become a master in understanding how to maximize AOVs, work with clients, manage videographers/designers, and so much more (while elevating your status from “just another copywriter” to a fully-trained “Marketing Master” in the process).


Great, you should be.

Here are the facts though, this opportunity is not for everyone.

To respect everyone’s time, you should only apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re a damn-good writer who captures attention and compels your readers to ACT NOW with clear writing.
  • You are an extremely creative and original storyteller.
  • You can write high volume (over 1,000 words a day) and handle multiple projects at the same time.
  • You are a ruthless self-learner always striving to improve your craft.
  • You understand that the rules of grammar are mere “suggestions” that exist to be ignored.
  • You have the knowledge and/or experience with long-form sales letters, video sales letters, advertorials, and tried-and-true conversion tactics.
  • You’re not afraid of research. You understand the best marketing ideas do not magically appear, but rather they’re found through digging in and researching the topic.
  • You are highly responsible, organized, and deadline-oriented.
  • You’re flexible, adaptable, and open to constantly changing methods, objectives, and environments.
  • You are open to constructive criticism when it comes to your copy.

  • Long Form Video Sales Letters when needed. Some clients will need a long form VSL written when they come in and you'll write a new one for them.
  • YouTube Video Ad Scripts: We are very well known for our YouTube Ad Services, and that starts with your ability to write scripts that get the attention of the prospect, pre-sell them on clicking on the ad, and then get them to convert on the next page.

  • Facebook Video Ad Scripts: Writing high-converting Video Ads for Facebook, while keeping compliance top of mind, so our clients do not get their ad account shut down.

  • Communicate With Clients: You will talk with clients about their customer avatar, their product, and their market, and use this information to create scripts for their ads

  • Maintain Weekly Log / Report of Ad Results: You will be expected to work with our stats team to see how many winning scripts we are writing every single week

  • Research: You will be expected to do research for each client we take on, diving into their niche, product, competitors and more.

  • Facebook Ad Image Ads: You will work with our design team to get the correct image ads created based upon the copy you are writing for that product


Here's what some of your day-to-day work might look like...

  • Our client in the Amazon FBA Training space needs to bump up their click-through rate on YouTube to over 1.5%, so we need 4 new scripts written."
  • We have a new client in the dog training space, we have identified they need new copy for their first upsell and will need to write a 12-minute upsell on how to potty train their puppy. We need this done over the next 10 days"
  • We need 10 short-form TikTok scripts done for a new client in the Medicare Lead Gen space. These will be more about the hooks than anything."
  • Re-write this client's front-end VSL, it's currently only 2 minutes long, and we need an 8 minute VSL to fully presell their event"
  • These tasks will all come through Asana, where everyone will have a full brief, deadline attached, and be fully managed by the creative head.

You will get to work with some of the best media buyers, marketers, and business professionals in the world.

This position is for someone who wants to be pushed to be in the top 1% of copywriters, be trained by the best, and ultimately progress at a level they’ve never been to.

Your copy will literally be tested right after you write it, and it will go out to Millions of people across YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, & Google. You will be able to see what works extremely fast, no more wondering if your copy ‘did well’.

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Required profile

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Spoken language(s)
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Hard Skills
Soft Skills
  • You need to be open to feedback, highly organized and deadline-driven.
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and a continuous desire to improve your skill set are crucial.
  • A willingness to learn quickly, work collaboratively with different professionals, and endure rapid testing and optimization.

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