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MLOps Engineer(NJ)

77% Flex
Full Remote
Full time
Senior (5-10 years)

  • Remote from:United States

MLOps Engineer(NJ)

77% Flex
Remote:Full Remote
Contract:Full time
Experience:Senior (5-10 years)
Work from:United States

Offer summary

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field and 5+ years of experience, Experience working with AWS SageMaker, Lambda, Apache Airflow, Docker, and ML frameworks such as Tensorflow and Keras.

Key responsabilities:

  • Building and deploying ML models, creating and monitoring pipelines, developing data quality solutions
  • Collaborating with Data Engineers and Data Scientists to build data and model pipelines, conducting ML tests and experiments
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Tiger Analytics

1001 - 5000 Employees

Job description

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Tiger Analytics is looking for experienced Machine Learning Engineers to join our fast-growing advanced analytics consulting firm. Our employees bring deep expertise in Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI. We are the trusted analytics partner for multiple Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to generate business value from data. Our business value and leadership has been recognized by various market research firms, including Forrester and Gartner.

We are looking for top-notch talent as we continue to build the best global analytics consulting team in the world. You will be responsible for:

  • ML Engineer with 5-7 years of IT experience.
  • Pipeline Training Models, Building, Deployment, Testing, and Monitoring using AWS SageMaker, AWS CFT, AWS CodePipeline, Lambda, etc.
  • Develop Airflow DAGs to run training and scoring pipelines
  • Develop a Testing framework with Pytest
  • Implement monitoring solution with homebrew solution using Lambda and Dash
  • Develop Data Quality solutions potentially leveraging Great Expectations.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or related, with 5+ years of work experience
  • Ability to collaborate with Data Engineers and Data Scientists to build data and model pipelines and help run machine learning tests and experiments
  • Experience in AWS - SageMaker (ProcessingJobs, TrainingModels, EndPoints)
  • Experience in Lambda CloudFormation or Terraform Apache Airflow, Astronomer Docker
  • Knowledge of traditional ML Models.
  • Python, Spark, Hadoop, and Docker with an emphasis on good coding practices in a continuous integration context, model evaluation, and experimental design
  • Knowledge of ML frameworks like Scikitlearn, Tensorflow, and Keras.
  • Experience in Pandas, sklearn, Numpy, Scipy

Additional Skills Required

  • Knowledge of Database/Data Engineering.
  • Experience with Oracle, Spark, Hadoop, Athena, API, FastAPI, Flask, ReST
  • Knowledge of MLflow, Airflow, and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Cloud environments and knowledge of AWS Services, Service Catalog, SNS, SES


This position offers an excellent opportunity for significant career development in a fast-growing and challenging entrepreneurial environment with a high degree of individual responsibility.

Required profile

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Level of experience :
Senior (5-10 years)

Industry :
Spoken language(s)
Check out the description to know which languages are mandatory.
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Hard Skills
Soft Skills
  • Strong team collaboration skills and ability to work in a fast-paced consulting environment
  • Good coding practices, continuous integration experience, and emphasis on model evaluation and experimental design

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