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Software Engineer - Build Systems, Compilers and Languages

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Passionate about optimization and analyzing complex challenges, Expertise in a build system, Cloud infrastructure, and programming language.

Key responsabilities:

  • Learn from core engineers who built Bazel and contribute to open source projects
  • Develop core features of the platform and actively solve complex scalability and performance challenges
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EngFlow Computer Software / SaaS Startup
11 - 50 Employees
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The currency you can never get back: time. At EngFlow, that’s exactly what we’re saving. By speeding up builds, we are helping increase resource efficiency, developer productivity, and product quality. Our cloud-based distributed service uses remote execution and caching to parallelize work. We are looking to hire people who are ready to help us scale up!

As a Software Engineer with a focus on build systems, compilers and languages, you will have an opportunity to learn from core engineers who built Bazel, contribute to Bazel, gRPC, Goma, Soong, CMake and other open source projects, and develop core features of our platform, solving complex challenges like scalability and real time performance. There is plenty opportunity for experimentation, testing out latest tech, and building a scalable product to be used by some of your most favorite tech companies. Our customers include Brave Software, Blue River Technology and Snap, among many others.

EngFlow is a SaaS company funded by Andreessen Horowitz and other top investors, and is redefining how companies build software and ship well-tested products. Its remote execution service speeds up software builds and tests by a factor of 10 or more, and observability platform provides actionable insights to optimize builds and tests. Created by core team members who developed Bazel (Google's open source build system) and led its community adoption, EngFlow builds tools and connects experts in the Bazel and build ecosystem. EngFlow products are used by engineers from startups to Fortune 500 companies to accelerate developer productivity and positively impact engineering culture.

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Meet our Team, learn about culture and values, and learn about our product and customer stories at


  • Passion for optimization and analyzing complex challenges and intricate details of various compilers and programming languages
  • Deep expertise with at least one build system: Bazel, CMake, Maven, Gradle, Nix, Buck, others
  • Experience in Linux and the Unix shell
  • Experience with at least one Cloud infrastructure: AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, Oracle Cloud
  • Programming proficiency with at least one language: Java, C++, Rust, others
  • Asynchronous programming experience
  • Experience writing/improving documentation
  • Experience delivering software at scale and maintaining operations excellence

We are hiring across a wide range of roles and are happy to help you build your own path - the only necessary skills are strong technical expertise in a major programming language, determination and passion for developer experience.

We offer comprehensive medical, dental, vision benefits, 401k bonus, parental leave and generous vacation. The team is fully remote but we enjoy meeting together several times a year at exciting destinations throughout the world. We value getting the work done and having fun while doing it, and have done numerous fun team events such as chocolate, whisky and tea tastings, monthly team games, escape the room among other fun events.

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Industry :
Computer Software / SaaS
Spoken language(s):
Check out the description to know which languages are mandatory.

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