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M3 USA believes in growth, for our company and for the people who drive it's success. Founded with the goal of changing the world of medicine by leveraging the power of the internet, the M3 Group, of which M3 USA is a part, provides comprehensive, leading edge, digital services to the healthcare and life science industries. We reach over 2.5 million doctors through our physician websites across the US, Asia, and Europe. M3 offers a variety of proven ways to engage physicians and get important clinical and marketing messages to valued, targeted audiences. Our live programs are delivered by clinical educators who are credentialed healthcare professionals. They provide strategic solutions to address the gaps that occur in clinical practice in the management of chronic diseases while also improving access for sales representatives. Those solutions include disease state knowledge, appropriate patient diagnosis, adherence, best practices, treatment to guidelines and REMS programs. Our digital health information services that include: the most up-to-date daily, indexed clinical information/news; medical education; market research; ethical drug promotion; clinical development; job recruitment and clinic appointment services. M3 Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a global leader in digital solutions in healthcare and has acquired dozens of companies across the globe. M3 Inc has had consistent growth since inception in 2000, with over 500 million dollars in revenue. Our great success is due to the skills and the high performance of our people, and has helped us attract some of the world’s leading talent from the most respected universities and Fortune 100 companies.