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Configurable, modular, and automated infrastructure for global KYC/AML compliance, fraud detection and onboarding, KYC Hub enables organizations to mitigate the risk of financial crime and reduce costs by an automated and configurable risk ops infrastructure and better data insights. Our RPA-powered workflow engine enables onboarding and due diligence workflows for any use case. Powered by hundreds of AI-enabled verifications and our proprietary knowledge graph of individuals and entities, we empower organizations to tailor their onboarding and risk assessment and reduce costs, friction, and risk. KYC Hub was started in 2018 and has won a number of major industry awards including the “Best PEP and Sanctions Solution” by Regtech Insights USA and Regtech 100. At KYC Hub we strive to make compliance with global and dynamic anti-money laundering directives an easy process. Our product is designed to make this not just accurate and seamless, but a process that creates new opportunities by knowing your customers and serving them in the best way.