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Business Development Manager
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Business Development Manager
30+ days ago

Interactivated Solutions

77% flex
  •  Full time
  • Remote: Netherlands

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Interactivated Ecommerce is a full-cycle digital agency with offices in the Netherlands (HQ), Spain, and R&D offices in Eastern Europe. Our team has been in advanced e-commerce solutions for nearly 25 years. We are providing top-notch technological solutions to customers around the world that empower their digital presence, leading to fast ROI. Our team consists of 60+ specialists internationally including developers, PMs, QA engineers, designers, and others. Interactivated differentiates by truly taking interest in the client, understanding them and their projects, their vision, and defining the most suitable stack of technologies and solutions that are the best for their budget and future roadmap. We stand by you every step of the way. Ecommerce industry focus: * Parts and Components * Apparel and Fashion * Computer hardware * Marketplace development Technical expertise: - UX Research - Design UI/UX, Project/Product - Animations, Motion Graphics - Development / Coding with the most cutting edge tech - Business Analysis - Startups, MVP development - Blockchain and NFT - Python, PHP, Javascript Frameworks, and languages - Ecommerce - SaaS / Product Development - Game Development - Data Science - Mobile Development Interactivated is your European provider of top-quality design, development, and intelligence for your successful project and strategy. We help you identify the smartest ways of doing it and the most optimal technologies to build it. Most importantly, we help our clients not to waste their time and budget.