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We help our clients put tech talented teams at the heart of their business. Our goal is to disrupt things not just on the business front, but also building cultures that are affirming and inclusive. Building a diverse and inclusive organisation is a complex process requiring multiple elements to come together. It involves long term investments in openness. We do it and all our clients can benefit from it. We are based in the city of Seia, the window to Serra da Estrela, in Beira Alta. The countryside was the place we chose to operate all around the world and bring technology wherever our clients need. We are 100% focused in nearshore and onshore teams operating in a outsourcing model. Flexible, agile and high performing teams at the doorway to Serra da Estrela. We have multidisciplinary teams that have chosen the countryside and the city of Seia to live and work in technology. We promote diversity, inclusion and equality, bringing more agility, retention, attracting more talent engineers and performance and above all, happier teams and families. GO IT is a new concept of delivering technology , for people, clients and communities