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A-ha! Nice to e-meet you! If you are reading this you might be thinking: "Gang? The Sales Gang?"...Yes, we are The Sales Gang, a non-tech-focused recruitment network. With an experienced and cool group of remote talent partners spread across Europe, we meet and vet the top 5% of Sales, Marketing, Talent, CS (and other business areas) professionals available, so they can help startups and scaleups to expand their teams. We act as an intermediary between amazing candidates and great tech (mainly B2B saas) companies looking to expand their teams. We don't have a "fast-paced" environment and we are not looking for ninjas, rockstars or wizards: we are tired of jargons, unrealistic job descriptions and overpromises. We are normal people looking for other real people, just like you. Register in our talent pool radar 👉 Our Values: ❤️ 🏳️🌈 Empathy - We are diverse and unique. Treat colleagues, candidates, and clients as you would treat yourself or your family, always. 💻 Autonomy - We are a 100% remote company. People decide when, how, and where to work, but always with the commitment to what we agreed to deliver. 💛 Honesty and Transparency - No need to explain. We communicate with respect and assertively and there´s no room for bullshit. 🏖️Fun - Have fun, go remote, party, throw jokes - life is short. We have no space for arrogance, empty corporate bs, lack of empathy, or mistreatment.
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