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Affinity is a consulting company specialized in information technologies, focused on people and with the assumed proposition of offering valuable business and career experiences for its extraordinary and extensive community of global talent and partners.Recognized by Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for two consecutive years and distinguished by Financial Times 1000 and INC Europe 5000, Affinity offers outsourcing and nearshoring services, today with 9 years of activity, with +400 employees, and growing, headquarters in Lisbon, offices in Porto and Óbidos and projects in more than 20 countries.Affinity also has a product development area, especially dedicated to Keywork platform, the agile human resource management tool that allows for greater efficiency of processes. Launched at the Web Summit 2017 Edition, Keywork is now used not only by Affinity but also by 15 customers and more than 1.000 users from the most diverse sectors.Defending the values of Affinity, Ambition, Action and Apprenticeship (Learning) in everything it proposes, Affinity is driven by the mission of offering IT consulting services and quality cloud products, nationally and internationally, promoting and developing unique experiences and translating a real commitment to creating mutually prosperous relationships with people, the market, society, and nature.
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