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Growth Marketing Manager

77% Flex
Full Remote
Mid-level (2-5 years)

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4-5 years marketing experience, Exceptional written English skills.

Key responsabilities:

  • Develop growth marketing strategies
  • Manage partnerships, email and campaign
  • Oversee online communities & social media
  • Implement KPI measurement for campaigns
  • Establish strong online presence
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Our client is seeking a Growth Marketing Manager to lead strategic initiatives aimed at driving business and partnership growth and enhancing brand presence through automated email campaigns and campaign engagement.

This role is ideal for someone with 3-5 years of marketing experience, exceptional written English skills, and a strong background in growth marketing strategies.

Location: Fully-Remote (Work from Home), 9 AM - 5 PM EST

Key Responsibilities:

  • Growth Marketing Strategy: Carry out the responsibilities of a growth marketing manager, developing and executing strategies to drive business growth and increase brand visibility.

  • Partnership Management: Collaborate with Facebook, Fiverr, and Reddit groups to promote affiliate programs and expand the company's reach.

  • Email Marketing: Implement automated email marketing and drip campaigns to nurture leads, engage customers, and drive conversions.

  • Campaign Management: Lead the planning, execution, and optimization of marketing campaigns to drive top-of-the-funnel and mid-funnel growth.

  • Community Management: Manage online communities to foster engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive customer advocacy.

  • Social Media Management: Oversee social media platforms, including content creation, scheduling, and engagement, to enhance brand presence and drive traffic.

  • KPI Measurement: Implement and measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) of marketing campaigns to assess performance and optimize strategies.

  • Online Presence: Develop strategies to establish a solid online presence and leverage growth marketing automation tools to scale efforts effectively.

What Success Looks Like:

  • Business Growth: Your strategic initiatives lead to significant business growth and increased revenue.

  • Partnership Success: Successful partnerships with Facebook, Fiverr, and Reddit groups result in expanded reach and increased affiliate program participation.

  • Effective Email Marketing: Automated email marketing and drip campaigns effectively nurture leads and drive conversions.

  • Campaign Performance: Marketing campaigns drive measurable results and contribute to achieving business objectives.

  • Community Engagement: Active community management fosters engagement, loyalty, and advocacy among customers.

  • Social Media Presence: Social media platforms are effectively managed, resulting in increased brand visibility and engagement.

  • KPI Achievement: Key performance indicators are met or exceeded, demonstrating the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

    Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Marketing Experience: 4-5 years of experience in marketing or a related field.

  • Written English: Exceptional written English skills, with perfect grammar and attention to detail.

  • Partnership Management: Experience in managing partnerships and affiliate programs.

  • Email Marketing: Proficiency in implementing automated email marketing and drip campaigns.

  • Campaign Management: Strong planning, execution, and optimization skills for marketing campaigns.

  • Community Management: Ability to engage and manage online communities effectively.

  • Social Media Management: Experience in managing social media platforms and driving engagement.

  • KPI Measurement: Ability to implement and measure key performance indicators for marketing campaigns.

  • Online Presence: Understanding of growth marketing automation tools and strategies.

This role offers a unique opportunity for a Growth Marketing Manager to lead strategic initiatives and drive business growth. If you are an experienced marketer with strong partnership management, email marketing, and campaign management skills, and are passionate about driving growth through innovative strategies, we invite you to apply and join our team.

Application Process:
To be considered for this role these steps need to be followed:
  • Fill in the application form

  • Record a video showcasing your skill sets

  • By submitting this application, you agree to share your data and video with our clients and relevant parties for potential job opportunities.

If ever you want us to delete your information, please reach out to us at

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Level of experience: Mid-level (2-5 years)
Industry :
Marketing & Advertising
Spoken language(s):
Check out the description to know which languages are mandatory.

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