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Key responsabilities:

  • Conduct psychological assessments for autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.
  • Write/edit Psychological Reports.
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Amego, Inc.

Individual & Family ServicesLarge

1001 - 5000 Employees

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The Psychologist/Psychological Assistant for the BEST Clinical Network will participate as a member of the BEST Clinical Network in conducting assessments related to individuals referred who are suspected of meeting the criterion for autism spectrum disorder.  The Psychologist/Psychological Assistant will, among other duties, serve as a resource to parents referred for initial diagnostic testing, coordinate initial parent intake meetings, conducts formal psychological testing necessary to meet individual client needs, and remains responsible for the writing/editing of Psychological Reports.  The Psychologist will also conduct various parent support groups (e.g., Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children with ASD) and individual parent supportive therapy/counseling services as required.  The Psychologist/ Psychological Assistant will also assist in the marketing of the BEST Clinical Network by meeting with various referral agencies, pediatricians, etc.

Primary Duties Include:

  • Based on the availability of Psychology Testing referrals, will complete and submit in final form to the Vice President of Psychological Services, a minimum of 6 complete Psychological Evaluations per week over 45 weeks per year, following identified timelines for completion.
  • Works to support the Vice President of Consultative Services and the staff of the BEST Clinical Network relative to informing consumers of diagnostic services of the therapeutic services available through the BEST Clinical network.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with Amego employees, student’s families/guardians, school districts/funding sources, and other community members to ensure satisfaction with program operations.
  • Formally and informally respond to needs, desires and interests of families and students.
  • Informs the VP of Psychological Services & VP of BEST and/or other managers of concerns expressed by families, staff, students, school districts and/or licensing sources or based on personal direct observations.
  • Coordinates referral / intake process, as well as discharge process the Vice President of Psychological Services, staff, funding sources, and families.  Describe program needs of referrals and strategize with the team to develop necessary supports to facilitate transitions.  Completes or ensures completion of any required assessments as deemed necessary for the referral/intake process and/or discharge process.  
  • Interface with funding sources on referrals, ongoing care, and transition planning
  • Facilitate family/guardian meetings for all programs and services when needed.  Present organizational direction and initiatives to family/guardian groups and seek feedback where appropriate.
  • Establish a working relationship with the families/guardians so they feel supported by Amego.  Work with team to meet families/guardians’ requests about clients Diagnostic Evaluation Reports
  • Maintains client files in accordance with Amego policies. Abides by HIPPA laws and regulations to protect the confidentiality and PHI of clients. Utilizes Amego secure sites for file storage and communication.
  • Completes all required documentation in a timely manner, ensuring complete record for appropriate billing reflected of services provided.
  • Acts as a role model to staff, consultants and students by displaying appropriate dress, language, and social skills.


Salary: $110,000/yr

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Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team collaboration and client support

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