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Technical Product Manager: Integration Systems

77% Flex
Full Remote
Full time
Mid-level (2-5 years)

  • Remote from:China

Technical Product Manager: Integration Systems

77% Flex
Remote:Full Remote
Contract:Full time
Experience:Mid-level (2-5 years)
Work from:China
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Job description

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This is multi-faceted role sits right at the core of our product and Asia operations. Working as part of a global team based in 8 countries, you make sure our customers (freight forwarders) succeed by shaping our integration layer product that allows them to connect their systems to our state of the art, API-based platform product.

You do this by owning two roles: 1) Managing our integration layer product development, by being a part of the product and engineering team, and 2) running and completing multiple integration projects in Asia from start to end.

As the performance of our platform is founded on fast and high-quality integrations, you directly contribute to the success of our company.

The mission and vision

Look around you. >90% of the things you see have been in a shipping container at some point. Surprisingly, while being a 10+ trillion-dollar industry, 80% of the market is still dominated by small and medium-sized freight forwarders - who mostly organize shipments via email. AGX helps these forwarders to take a step forward and digitalize themselves to compete with emerging digital and global forwarders. We provide them with the digital toolset and keep their backs free so they can focus on their superior operational service offering.

We do this by building a communication and collaboration platform that cuts unnecessary emails and double data entry by connecting relevant data sources and providing a common work interface. This platform connects to our customer systems via our integration layer, which we will also market as a standalone product in the future. Our vision is to do for international logistics what containers did for shipping – if successful, boosting global GDP by a few percentage points.

We are a team uniting decades of experience in SME-, and digital forwarding as well as tech. We are based in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, well-financed by industry experts, and always have more customers in the pipeline than we can onboard. We build products we are proud of that customers love.

We focus on listening, speaking up to improve the status quo, and making everyone accompanying us on this journey just that little bit better.

Responsibilities: You will build the global standard for logistics data and connect our customers to AGX

You are taking two roles: 1) Technical product manager and 2) EDI/API integration project manager. You will learn about challenges in our process through role 2), and act to resolve them in a scaleable manner via role 1).

As a technical product manager, you

  • Will design integrations as abstractions
  • Deep dive into data structures, and use cases for integrations
  • Define the ‘AGX standard’ and drive the integration layer product towards self-service, helping us achieve our ambition as an industry standard in logistics collaboration
  • Identify gaps in our integration layer product and develop solutions together with your team of senior developers
  • You will have to triage requirements, and priorities, and decide what is part of the common AGX standard, and what needs to be set aside
  • You will be responsible for developing integration layer roadmaps and epics as well as co-shape the product vision
  • You will be the core interface between the engineering team and business stakeholders by, assisting with open questions during design, implementation, and QA
  • You measure what you build - you track key metrics to discover the impact of product and engineering work
  • Will be an integral member of the product and engineering team

As a EDI/API project manager, you

  • Manage multiple parallel integration projects from beginning to end, constantly keeping an eye on next steps and escalating issues as required
  • Manage client relationships and ensure speedy delivery along the lifecycle of each project
  • Reflect on and pro-actively improve on our integration processes
  • Document customer XML/ API data formats and events, map them to our data structures, defining logics and mappings and testing them with customers as required
  • "Eat your own dog food" - this position will give you the chance to really understand what the customers of the integrations layer product needs and how it has to work, think of it as your extended product test bench


What you should bring

  • You bring 4+ years of experience working with engineers and building software products ideally in a backend / data driven environment or in freight-forwarding/ logistics
  • ETL, ELT, Streaming, Pub/Sub, MQ, and other patterns are in your toolbelt
  • Experience in using APIs through tools and code is strongly preferred
  • Experience in managing API/ EDI integrations strongly preferred
  • You have a strong background in agile (scrum and sprints are how you run)
  • You have previously set up new structures and processes
  • You are equally comfortable playing in greenfield and brownfield
  • Excellent English & Mandarin interpersonal and written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in the logistics/ freight industry is a big plus
  • Using modern web technologies to renovate legacy systems non-invasive interests you


  • Extremely close customer contact and work with the founder team
  • A highly international work environment
  • A large degree of freedom to shape your work
  • Responsibility and strong learning opportunities from day 1
  • Strong career development options as we grow our customer base and operations globally
  • A team that helps you grow so much you can get any job and so happy you don't want to leave
  • Lead the digital transformation of an entire industry and the ability to impact it from within
  • The chance to be an early team-member of a potential industry leader
  • A team that does what they say and says what they do and acts across cultures on the basis of our work manifest
  • Attractive remuneration (28k-40k RMB) as well as benefits

Required profile

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Remote location allowed
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Mid-level (2-5 years)

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