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REMOTE Data Modeler (Semantic)

72% Flex
Full Remote
Full time
Mid-level (2-5 years)
  • Remote from:United States
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REMOTE Data Modeler (Semantic)

72% Flex
Remote: Full Remote
Contract: Full time
Experience: Mid-level (2-5 years)
Work from: United States

Offer summary

Qualifications: 3-5 years of enterprise-scale data modeling experience, Experience with ERWIN software and Semantic modeling concepts like OWL/RDF.

Key responsabilities:

  • Model complex data points for logistical domains
  • Develop semantic models and maintain mappings between systems/applications
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Job description

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A client of ours in the veterinary services industry, is in need of a Semantic Data Modeler to join their team. This role will be responsible for putting the model in model-driven application development. The Semantic Data Modeler will accomplish this by describing the domain of logistics utilizing semantic modeling and associated technologies. In this role, you will be responsible for supporting specific projects for the pet resorts, HR/finance, specialty, ER, and equine parts of the business. These projects are all data deployment projects and you will be responsible for creating data models and deploy mappings to show your findings between different data points and understand the data that is present in these different systems/applications. This client of ours has 1,000 different sites and 30+ different UI systems that they support/manage, so you will look at all data points from the different sites across the country and identify where the systems intersect, analyze and maintain master and reference data (e.g., canonical, partner specific data, mapping between sources), and define and apply semantic model patterns and definitions (e.g., objects, attributes, relationships, metadata). Essentially, you will analyze and translate business needs into long-term solution data models for the business, in order to make better business decisions. In addition, you will participate as a key collaborator with the product and development teams, synthesizing and representing the knowledge and requirements of the business into consumable information models. The work is high-level (strategic and enterprise in scale), narrow (implementing customer and partner-specific solutions), and deep (detailed data definitions and mapping).

Additional Job Responsibilities:
  • Analyze, define, and model the knowledge of logistics and the requirements for supply chain visibility and collaboration solutions
  • Provide comprehensive semantic models that are both human and machine readable
  • Define key business concepts, attributes, and relationships and organize them into ontologies, taxonomies and glossaries
  • Work closely with key business and technology SMEs to define and design models representing a variety of domains, including partner models, canonical and metadata models, and implementation models
  • Create and maintain effective mapping, visibility, and traceability across models
  • Analyze and maintain master and reference data (e.g., canonical, partner specific data, mapping between sources)
  • Define events for transforming and mapping data inputs to canonical representations
  • Define and apply semantic model patterns and definitions (e.g., objects, attributes, relationships, metadata)
  • Define and apply business domain model patterns and definitions (e.g., itineraries, locations, events, agents, rates)
  • Research and recommend tools and data for process efficiencies

Who Will You Work With:
- Product management - To understand, elaborate, and implement strategy, vision, and business requirements
- Project management - To plan and implement specific customer and data provider integrations through models, data flows, and requirements
- Development - To collaborate on the implementation of requirements balancing coding and model driven development
- UX - To plan and model user experience expectations, and provide traceability from the interface to data sources
- DBAs - To collaborate on efficient/effective storage and retrieval of semantic data structures
- ML/AI - To understand the data needs for ML/AI (data wrangling, prep, and cleansing), and collaborate on solution requirements
- QA - To define expectations and processes for validating models and data quality during solution implementation


  • 3-5+ years of enterprise-scale data modeling experience/ 3-5 years of experience as a Data Modeler
  • Must have previously worked with ERWIN software for data modeling
  • Must have a deep understanding of Semantic modeling experience and Semantic concepts and technologies (e.g., OWL/RDF, SPARQL)
  • Enterprise scale data analysis and modeling and understanding of data warehousing models
  • Model-driven development, domain-driven design, complex event processing
  • XML, APIs, EDI standards, and practices
  • Lean and agile development practices, SAFe
  • Exposure to the following tools: Semaphore, Excel, MarkLogic, Azure Dev Ops (ADO), or similar tools
  • Taxonomy and ontology development experience

Soft Skills:
  • Natural ability to observe, listen and ask why
  • Determining the right approach to effectively facilitate, negotiate, and influence
  • Adaptable communication and the ability to explain details and concepts
  • Ability to simplify the complex, mitigate risk, and deal with ambiguity


  • Knowledge of supply chain and logistics activities is a strong preference
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Required profile

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Level of experience :
Mid-level (2-5 years)
Industry :
Spoken language(s)
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Hard Skills
Soft Skills
  • Strong observation and communication skills
  • Ability to simplify complexity and handle ambiguity with adaptable communication

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