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Volunteer - Accounting Officer / Internal Auditor

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Volunteer - Accounting Officer / Internal Auditor

75% Flex
Remote: Full Remote

Offer summary

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or a relevant professional qualification required., Practical experience in Financial and Management Accounting essential..

Key responsabilities:

  • Performing various accounting duties, such as preparing financial reports and maintaining payroll information.
  • Reconciling accounts, managing payroll, and assisting external auditors.
  • Completing tax forms, interacting with government agencies, and fulfilling other assigned tasks.
  • Assisting in shaping climate policies through financial decision-making based on data analysis.
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Blockchain & Climate Institute
Sustainable developmentScaleup

51 - 200 Employees

Job description

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Role Title: Accountant / Treasurer

Division: Accounting Unit, Treasury Section, Director-General’s Office

Number of Vacancies: 2

Role Nature: Voluntary

Estimated Time Requirements: 1 day per month on average

Location: Home-based

The Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) is an international volunteers-led think tank supporting and advocating the application of blockchain technology in the global fight against climate change.

We are looking for a passionate professional VOLUNTEER who will support financial decision-making information by collecting, analyzing, investigating, and reporting financial data. Driving the end-to-end financial accounting process, including preparing financial reports to track the organization’s assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liabilities, and other related financial activities and turning actions into impacts to shape climate policy on a global platform.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Performing general cost accounting and other related duties in the accounting role;
  • Preparing periodic (monthly) balance sheets, income statements, and profit and loss statements;
  • Maintaining the general ledger;
  • Preparing payroll and maintaining payroll information, creating reports, and resolving any payroll discrepancies that may arise;
  • Coding invoices, setting up new accounts, reconciling accounts, and closing the monthly books;
  • Reconciling bank accounts at least monthly, verifying deposits, and addressing inquiries from banks;
  • Reconciling donor accounts and managing accounts receivable collections;
  • Verifying payment of invoices associated with accounts payable and ensuring payments are charged to the appropriate accounts;
  • Providing outside auditors with assistance; gathering necessary account information and documents to perform annual audit;
  • Filing required tax forms with federal, state, and local government agencies; and
  • Performing other related duties as may be assigned from time to time assigned.

Skills & Abilities

  • Attention to detail - you must display flawless accuracy when calculating the organization’s figures;
  • Organizational skills - otherwise you will be buried under a mountain of paperwork;
  • Discretion - as you are handling the organization’s financials, you need to exercise discretion and prove that you’re trustworthy; and
  • Interpersonal skills - it is essential for you to work well with others and communicate well as you will be working with a hugely diverse range of volunteers and partners.

General & Specialist Knowledge

  • Extensive knowledge of general financial accounting and cost accounting;
  • Understanding of and ability to adhere to generally accepted accounting principles;
  • Highly proficient with accounting software;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; and
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or international professional qualification in accounting required; and
  • Preferably with a professional qualification

Relevant Experience

  • Practical experience in both Financial and Management Accounting; and
  • Previous experience within an international NGO is desirable but not a requirement.

Blockchain and other emerging technologies. Climate change and sustainability. These are two hot topic groups that have been headlining media outlets, dominating conferences & events, and gaining increasing traction in research and pilot projects. BCI is here as an expert platform to help governments, inter-governmental and regional organizations as well as relevant corporates to negotiate the complex landscape of emerging technologies for environmental good. We cement our expertise by putting in the hard work in researching, identifying, and analyzing the applications of emerging technologies so that informed decisions can be made by the stakeholders in the climate change and action network.

Benefits you will get from volunteering with BCI are enormous and some include:

  • You will hone or learn new skills including research, presentation, writing, professional etiquette,
  • Your mind will be mentally stimulated, hence providing you with a sense of purpose;
  • You will advance and boost your professional career by helping you to make professional connections and giving you real-world experience at the intersection between climate and emerging technologies; and
  • Help you develop long-lasting professional relationships with others. People who come together to make the world a better place forge a close connection.

Before you apply

Candidates must submit their CVs, cover letters, and contact details in their applications. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete a set of written exercises virtually to assess their suitability for this role and the organization. Candidates who have passed the written exercises will be invited to attend virtual interviews with the hiring managers.

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Required profile

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Industry :
Spoken language(s)
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Hard Skills
Soft Skills
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills crucial for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Need for discretion when handling organization's financials.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with diverse volunteers and partners.

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