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$120k Remote Full Stack .NET/Angular Developer

77% Flex
Full Remote
Full time

  • Remote from:United States

$120k Remote Full Stack .NET/Angular Developer

77% Flex
Remote:Full Remote
Contract:Full time
Work from:United States

Offer summary

Qualifications: Experience in .NET and ASP.NET for backend services, REST API's, Angular for frontend, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL databases, Dapper ORM tool, unit testing, DevOps tools, Git, and CI/CD pipelines., Proficiency in tracking tasks using Azure DevOps, using code quality tools like SonarQube and ReSharper, and source code management with Git..

Key responsabilities:

  • Take ownership of detecting, troubleshooting, and resolving system defects.
  • Contribute in writing detailed documentation for systems, software, and functionalities.
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Job description

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Position Responsibilities:

  • Initiative, ownership, and high standards.
  • Can-do attitude, humility, and open mindedness.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exceptional organization and time management skills.
  • Solve simple to moderate problems with minimal guidance and support.
  • Self-motivated to continuously learn and stay at the cutting edge of technology; provide feedback and contribute to solutions.
  • Participate in writing proper documentation for all infrastructure, software, and functionality.
  • Respond, troubleshoot, and resolve defects and outages caused by systems and software.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Technical Requirements :

  • Experience in .NET 6.0+ and ASP.NET 6.0+ building backend services and highly modular REST API's.
  • Frontend experience using Angular 14+ to build modular and high performing mobile-first responsive SPAS and reusable components.
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, transpilers, bundlers, and package managers.
  • Experience writing framework independent CSS libraries in SASS.
  • Experience with MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, and building migration scripts with DDL.
  • Experience with micro ORM tools including Dapper.
  • Experience writing backend unit tests with xUnit and frontend unit tests with Karma, Jasmine and or Cypress.
  • Proficient using Azure DevOps for tracking tasks and assignments.
  • Proficient with code quality tools like SonarQube and ReSharper.
  • Proficient with GIT for source code management and sensible branching strategies.
  • Proficient using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
  • Must be knowledgeable about CI/CD pipelines on Azure.

Required profile

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Spoken language(s)
Check out the description to know which languages are mandatory.
Soft Skills
  • Demonstrate initiative, humble attitude, openness; high standard and can-do approach.
  • Show exceptional written and verbal communication, time management, self-motivation to learn continuously, and problem-solving skills.

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