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Software Engineer

80% Flex
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Full time

  • Remote from:Portugal

Software Engineer

80% Flex
Extra Parental Leave-Fully Flexible
Remote:Remote First
Contract:Full time
Work from:Portugal
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Job description

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We are looking for Software Engineers (we call them Software Craftspeople) that shares the same values of pragmatism, professionalism and transparency as us to join our team in Portugal. You'd be utilising your expertise with both clients and also internally - helping to shape Codurance, and being involved in coaching and mentoring across the company.

We support our clients in many ways and you will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of different internal and client projects. Perhaps you'll work on a greenfield project for a startup, or helping to build a mission-critical system for a large enterprise client. Perhaps you'll work as an embedded craftsperson, working within our client's existing development to help them to get better at writing their own software. Or maybe you're more interested in helping to introduce the values of Software Craftsmanship and Extreme Programming practices to an organisation through coaching & mentoring.

What about you?

You consider yourself a software craftsperson. For you, writing code is part of your job and also a source of joy. Test-Driven Development is how you like to or would prefer to write code - preferring to work in small increments, trying things out and iterating rapidly, tightening the feedback loop as much as possible, and letting your tests drive the design of the code.

You are a team player. You understand that software lives on long after it is first delivered and that many different people will contribute to it over its lifetime.

As a curious developer, you spend time investing in your craft, learning new technologies and practicing different techniques and approaches.


We'd love to hear from you if you have:

  • Experience in at least one of the languages we use: JVM (Java/Clojure/Scala/Kotlin), .NET (C#), or Node (JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Familiarity with a cloud solution (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • An appreciation for good development practices (Test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration/deployment)
  • A passion for continuous learning and sharing knowledge with others

Everyone should have the right to bring their whole self to work and be celebrated for who they are. Our people are hired purely on their commitment to these values and their ambition to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Codurance is proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer and is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace.

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