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Flexibility and adaptability are not only part of our product, but also of our daily work. You can work from anywhere, and there's also the possibility of working from our office in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

Where? Geo flexibility

Work from: Worldwide
HQ: Wilmington

Porto Alegre

Employee location

Politique à distance

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Wherever you are, our goal is to make your routine as a Rocketeer feel enjoyable, exciting, and comfortable. You can choose between working from home or from our office in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

Work environment

Work from home

Work from anywhere

Work from our Offices if you want

When? Time flexibility

Working time

Working hours

Partly Flexible : As a Rocketeer, you can set up your working hours as you wish. However, for some positions we might ask for availability at certain times.

Working days

From Monday to Friday : All of our Rocketeers work during all of the working days, but you can set up your working hours as you wish!

Holiday Policy

Unlimited Holidays

Take some time off, whenever needed, no matter the reason.

Extra Holidays

We advise all Rocketeers, no matter where you live, to take at least 20 days of vacation a year (apart from PTO). This is important for you to have some cool down time and to maintain a healthy relationship with work. In the case of Brazilian Rocketeers, you respond to the CLT vacation rules.

Extra Parental Leave

The time frames for both maternity and paternity leaves vary according to local laws. As a standard minimum we establish from 120 days for maternity leaves and 30 days for paternity leaves. The employee can request the leave and is free to ask for more days using the unlimited PTO benefit or based on the local legislation, if it establishes more than the company standard the highest number of days is applied.

How? Contractual flexibility

Long term freelancing : Depending of the position, it is completely possible to be a long term freelancer.

Full time : You need stability and security, we obviously offer full time.

Part-time contract : You need time for yourself, or time to do other activities. Here, we offer you the possibility to work part time.

Short term freelancing : You want several clients, with several missions. We are ready to hire you for specific short term missions.

Fixed term contract : You need flexibility and don't want to commit for a long period. We can hire you for few months if you want.

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