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We are a Berlin-first, remote-friendly company. In other words, Berlin is our HQ and the only location with physical offices. If you live in Berlin, you can come and go from our office as much or as little as you please! We rely on a clear purpose, async collaboration, distributed decision-making and mutual trust to achieve our ambitious goals.

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Política remota

All positions at Blinkist are remote friendly. Your main location must be in Germany, Spain, UK or USA. However, you can work temporarily from anywhere, up to 5 months per year. If you are located in Berlin, you can work from home or our office. Anywhere else, we are happy to provide you a co-working space allowance. Right now we provide visa sponsorship and relocation for Germany.

Work from home : We provide a monthly work from home allowance.

Work from anywhere : Flexible policy for working temporarily from anywhere, but your main location must be in Germany, Spain, UK or US (main location may be dependent on the role). For example, you work for Blinkist and you are based in Germany, but you'd like to work from Italy for a month to escape the cold winter. That works for us 😊

Coworking available : If you are located outside of Berlin, we provide a co-working space allowance.

Work from our Offices if you want : If you are located in Berlin, you can work from our office in Neukölln as often or as little as you please.

Fully Flexible Working Hours : Your working hours are flexible, as long as there is some overlap with our core hours in order to attend meetings.

From Monday to Friday : Working hours are flexible

Extra Holidays

We offer 30 days of vacation in Europe (20 in US), a day off on your birthday, and 4 wellbeing days per day.

Full time : You need stability and security, we obviously offer full time.

Short term freelancing : You want several clients, with several missions. We are ready to hire you for specific short term missions.

Long term freelancing : Depending of the position, it is completely possible to be a long term freelancer.


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