Our Match

Do you want to know more about our MATCH?

The MATCH connects you:
The job you want

With the job you want.


With a company that has the values and culture you are looking for.


With the company or industry you have chosen.

Skills and strengths

With a job that needs your skills and strengths.

Personality and style

With a team which fits your personality and style.

Salary and benefits

With a salary and benefits in line with your expectations.

In addition, you can view the profile of the company that wants to connect with you. You will have there the necessary information to confirm that the MATCH was accurate.

You can also look at the pictures of the company (photos of their offices, events, etc.) in order to make sure you can feel part of it.



Profile – Company DNA

• Culture and values
• Company type and size
• Industry
• Leadership style
• Working environment
• Level of autonomy
• Conflict management

Job Offer

• Experience and skills
• Salary and Benefits
• Languages
• Work team style
• Personality and leadership style
• Thinking style

For each successful MATCH, you will receive an email inviting you to visualize the profile of the company and the related position to be able to confirm your interest and contact the company if you wish.