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All of Oyster’s positions are fully remote and you can work from home. Forever. Being distributed is a strength, not a challenge. The fact we're globally distributed is one of our biggest strengths. Instead of viewing the inherent challenges as obstacles to be overcome, we lean into the positive. This mindset underpins our whole approach to how we work. We are intentional. We are intentional about how we choose to do things, and the systems we design to support our work. We default to asynchronous work. Done well, it's better for all of us. We are radically transparent. We are open and transparent by default, and get issues on the table as fast as possible. We value clarity. We strive to be exceptionally clear when we communicate with others, and default to over-communication.

Where? Geo flexibility

Remote policy

Positions available in full remote


All of Oyster’s positions are fully remote and you can work from home. Forever. Oyster is a borderless, HQ-less company. As long as your work gets done on time, your team has the support they need, and you're authorized to work where you live, the world is truly your Oyster

Work environment

Work from home : We have no shared office that we travel to each day to work. We totally encourage our employees to work from home.

Work from anywhere : Our team works from wherever they want: from home, from their favorite café or co-working space, or from a hut in the woods if they want (as long as there’s wifi!).

Coworking available : We encourage our employees to do coworking. Especially when they are traveling to a different city/country, it helps to meet Oysters.

When? Time flexibility

Working time

Working hours

Fully Flexible Working Hours

Working days

Fully Flexible Working Days : As long as your work gets done on time, your team has the support they need, you can work whenever you want (from Monday to Friday).

From Monday to Friday : Our employees work from Monday to Friday. Every week ends with a Focus Friday ( no Oyster group or recurring meetings, OKR meetings, standing 1:1s, and similar).

Possibility to work some days per month on side projects (volunteer, entrepreneur..) : We offer time off for volunteering.

Holiday Policy

Extra Holidays

Oyster provides employees with 40 days off each year, which includes public/bank holidays and vacation/holiday leave (unless your country mandates more).

Extra Parental Leave

Our parental leave policy applies to all employees who are becoming parents, regardless of how they become a parent. Oysters are eligible for a minimum of three months of paid parental leave and your job will be held for 12 months (or longer if required by local jurisdiction).

How? Contractual flexibility

Full time : You need stability and security, we obviously offer full time.

Fixed term contract : You need flexibility and don't want to commit for a long period. We can hire you for few months if you want.

Part-time contract : You need time for yourself, or time to do other activities. Here, we offer you the possibility to work part time.

Short term freelancing : You want several clients, with several missions. We are ready to hire you for specific short term missions.

Long term freelancing : Depending of the position, it is completely possible to be a long term freelancer.

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