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Flex policy

Remote First
Unlimited Holidays

At GiveDirectly, we value flexibility and giving staff the time and space to do what they need to maintain a work/life balance. To that end, we offer unlimited paid leave. We also moved our central support team to be "remote first" Flexibility – Our work at GiveDirectly can be intense, high stakes, and fast-paced. Because of this, it is important to us to enable team members to have the flexibility they need to care for themselves and their families. “Remote first” allows team members to better maintain and maximize their self and family-care routines. Sustainability – We believe “remote first” will be more sustainable for the organization than our pre-COVID in-person work model, given 1) the model will allow us to grow our office spaces more gradually over time, even as we hire on more new team members, and 2) we expect the benefits of “remote first” to increase retention of our team members (cutting down on costs of turnover and hiring).

Where? Geo flexibility

Remote policy

Positions available in full remote


Moving forward, GiveDirectly will be “remote first” for central support team members – that is, team members who serve the organization as a whole, like our Research Team, Data Team, and Growth Team. The new policy allows these team members to work from anywhere, assuming they are legally authorized to do so and there are no circumstances of the role that require them to be located in a specific place. The policy assumes remote as the default, but for those who prefer to come into an office, that option will be available in cities where we have more than 5 team members. To facilitate connection and deepen bonds in a “remote first” model, team members will spend ~1 week per quarter in-person with their immediate team for planning and reflection. Culture – Over the past year of remote work, we’ve proven the ability to maintain and evolve our organizational culture even while nearly doubling the size of our central support team during COVID. That said, we do believe opportunities to connect, build trust, and deepen relationships are decreased in a fully remote model, which is why we’re requiring quarterly meet-ups. Productivity – We want team members to feel that the time they spend working is as productive as possible. All indications show that remote work during COVID has not decreased productivity at GiveDirectly, so we expect that “remote first” will continue to enable team members to maximize productivity. We’re continuing to check-in on team members’ engagement via regular surveys.

Work environment

Work from home : The majority of our positions allow staff to work from home, with occasional travel to our offices as needed for specific meetings or events.

Work from anywhere : We are a globally distributed staff and are able to hire candidates from all over the world.

Coworking available : We have a WeWork membership that staff can take advantage of, if available in their area.

Work from our Offices if you want : If staff are located in our countries of operation, they are welcome to work from any of our country offices.

When?Time flexibility

Working time

Working hours

Partly Flexible : Our typical work schedule is Monday through Friday, but within that, staff are able to set their own work hours. We require that staff set their hours with at least 3 hours of overlap with East Africa time.

Working days

From Monday to Friday : Our typical work schedule is Monday through Friday, but within that, staff are able to set their own work hours. We require that staff set their hours with at least 3 hours of overlap with East Africa time.

Holiday Policy

Unlimited Holidays

Staff on our Global Shared Services team are eligible for unlimited paid time off, and we encourage a minimum of ~4 weeks. Resting and rejuvenation is part of our strategy to do our best work for recipients.

How? Contractual flexibility

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At GiveDirectly

Our workers are global self-starters and come from all walks of life. Between all of them, we speak all these different languages:


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