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Flex policy

Remote First
Extra Holidays
Extra Parental Leave

🏠 vs.🏢 Flexible working - depending on your location and the specific terms of your employment contract, you may be employed as a home-based worker (if Revolut doesn’t have office in your location) or an office-based/hybrid worker (if Revolut has an office in your location), who works from your home and in the office through desk booking. Therefore, you’ll have the flexibility to choose how you would like to work: either from home and/or the office. Have a better work-life balance while saving time on your commute. Our Flex policy applies only to certain positions as we offer support for our customers 24/7 thus some roles require shift work.

Where? Geo flexibility

Remote policy

Positions available in full remote


Home, office, or a nice spot somewhere abroad? What’s your favourite place to work from? At Revolut all those options are available! We work from wherever we want 🤩

Work environment

Work from home : We respect your daily routines, the need to wear comfortable clothes all day long, keep company with your dog, choosing a longer morning over a long traffic to the office. We mean - work your way! Revoluters can work from their home and to support them in the organisation of a comfortable workspace we provide financial and technical support to set up an ergonomic place.

Work from anywhere : Home, office, or even abroad (yes, you can take up to 60 workation days every year! - work from where you feel the most comfortable at the moment.

Coworking available : Our goal is to provide all Revoluters with a great experience, therefore we do our best to create tailored solutions for them. Many coworking spaces around the world are waiting to host our team members.

Work from our Offices if you want : Innovative RevLab spaces around the world are available for Revoluters. These are not traditional offices, but hubs for creativity and collaboration!

When?Time flexibility

Holiday Policy

Extra Holidays

🎂 Enjoy your B-day, the right way It’s your birthday? Take the day off, on us 😎 Each member of our rocket ship crew deserves to be celebrated, and birthdays are the perfect reason to celebrate . This doesn’t always mean spending them at work, and we get it. So an additional paid day off to do whatever you want on your birthday sounds fair, doesn’t it? ✨ Wellbeing Days There’s nothing more precious than health (yes, your fave money app is saying that), both physical and mental. We believe people know what’s best for them. That’s why our Revoluters are given two extra days off that they can use to take care of their wellbeing. Last year we spent over 3800 days doing what makes us feel good!

Extra Parental Leave

We want to make sure our Revoluters have the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones, so we have an extra parental leave to make sure they get all the time they need in this new phase

How? Contractual flexibility

Full time : You need stability and security, we obviously offer full time.

Still not convinced? Check out the perks and the flex tools offered by Revolut

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At Revolut

Our workers are global self-starters and come from all walks of life. Between all of them, we speak all these different languages:


Please note that not all languages shown above are mandatory. Please check the job offer for more details.