Your Boss doesn’t Want You To Work Remotely? Try This!

Aug 17, 2023
Your Boss doesn’t Want You To Work Remotely? Try This!

The demand for flexibility at work is only growing and you're thinking about convincing your boss to let you work remotely? But, before you start putting together your pitch, let's talk about how you can approach this in a way that makes your boss not just consider it, but actually embrace the idea.

  1. Get Inside Their Head:

You have to step into your boss’s shoes for a moment. What are they worried about when it comes to remote work? That means that you have to figure out their concerns before you can address them. Maybe it is first and foremost a matter of productivity? Or maybe it is a supposed lack of communication inside the company? That is why you have to try to think like your boss in order to be ready to deal with those worries.

  1. Pump Up the Productivity:

Believe it or not, some folks still think that working remotely means slacking off. Crazy, right? But the truth is, remote workers often get more done. Mention how you've aced tasks while working remotely or share stories of when you've pulled off impressive feats outside the office. Show them that you're all about getting things done.

  1. Tech Talk:

Remember the days when remote work meant sketchy phone connections and missing out on office gossip? Yeah, those days are gone. We've got all sorts of fancy tools nowadays – video calls, project trackers, chat apps – you name it. Let your boss know that staying connected and working together is easier than ever.

  1. Life-Work Harmony:

What is one of the coolest things about working remotely? It's a ticket to better work-life balance. Drop some hints about how remote work can help you be more chilled out, more focused, and less burned out. Point out that a happier you equals a more effective you.

  1. Facing the Hurdles:

Don't pretend that remote work is all rainbows and unicorns. It's got its challenges, and you're not afraid to tackle them head-on. Talk about how you'll keep up the team chats, attend those virtual meetings, and stay accountable for your tasks. It shows you're realistic and prepared to make it work.

  1. Try Before You Commit:

Ease your boss into this whole remote work idea by suggesting a trial period. Set some goals, measure your progress, and keep them in the loop. This way, they get to see that you're not just talking the talk – you're walking the walk.

  1. Look Around You:

Chances are that your industry pals are diving into remote work too. Dig up some facts and stories about how other companies are doing it right. It's like saying, "Hey, we won't be the odd ones out, everyone's doing it!"

  1. The Hybrid Angle:

Your boss isn't ready to go all-in on remote work? How about suggesting a mix? You know, some days in the office, some days at home. It's a compromise that still lets you get your remote work groove on while keeping the office vibes alive.

Remote Work Is Good For The Company Too

In a nutshell, getting your boss to hop on the remote work train takes a bit of planning and finesse. You have to show them you are serious, that you've got solutions, and that you're not just thinking about yourself – you're thinking about the company too.

Look less, find better.