Working atmosphere: How to improve teamwork?

Jun 9, 2022
Working atmosphere: How to improve teamwork?

Several surveys reveal that more than 70% of employees in the world are not comfortable with their work. In fact, most of them affirm that one of the main reasons to keep their current job is money.

What are the causes that make a person feel that they don’t fit in their position?

We have previously talked about it, but it is the lack of cohesion to execute teamwork and the lack of harmony in the work environment two of the factors that affect people.

Some leaders focus on achieving the objectives without taking into account the integration of workers into the team. In most cases, this creates conflict and tensions that result in a negative work environment

Lack of planning is another factor that affects people to start losing their emotional connection to their work. Low salaries, poor relationships with colleagues, lack of adaptation and promotion also affect workers.

The DISC is key to improving the work environment

Every year, many companies use the DISC tool to determine the behavior style of their employees to foresee their future in the organization. For the companies, it is key to know in which quadrant their workers are located: Domain, Influence, Stability or Consciousness (DISC), or some combination of the four.

The simplicity of DISC evaluation has become one of the most popular personality profiles. It is usually applied during new hirings or as part of a leadership or teamwork workshop.

People like learning about themselves and that’s why DISC is used regularly, but questions always arise. How long do they and their managers remember their results? How regularly do we apply DISC results to improve communication, conflict resolution, and overall performance?

In our portal,, you can learn more about your personality. DISC helps improve teamwork and the work environment.

Here we offer four aspects that can be strengthened with this tool:


Collaboration means working together to achieve goals, and it helps establish patterns and solve problems. Many times teams find that differences can also cause confusion, conflict or frustration.

But a DISC profile will provide a framework to connect their differences. They will learn what to expect from others and how to get what the team needs.

Trust and commitment

People need to know that they can trust each other, especially during stressful times.

DISC assessment has been used to help team members recognize and adapt their style to their work environment. Participants can quickly see how certain situations may require them to extend beyond their natural tendencies and the DISC map helps them understand why it can be exhausting to do this regularly.

Trust is very important in all work areas, also in terms of developing effective communication and interpersonal relationships.

Suitable environment

The work environment must be adjusted to the group and can be created with these three requirements: First, capacity, which means that each individual has the necessary skills and experience to do their job, while the employer provides adequate resources.

The second element is the fulfillment of goals, which indicates who has the responsibility to fulfill the objectives and how to make the group fulfill the tasks.

The last element has to do with principles, which provide the cohesion that holds the team together. It also offers the necessary clarity and structure that allows greater creativity, efficiency, and risk-taking to arise.

Shared vision

The shared vision describes a future state that team members find personally attractive and exciting. It is important and will generate stronger and better-channeled teamwork.

It seeks to motivate group members to make extraordinary efforts when required. Hence, developing an inspiring vision is an important step to achieve high performance.


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