Which personalities to recruit to build a winning team

Jun 9, 2022
Which personalities to recruit to build a winning team

While the candidate's skills play a key role in the recruitment process, their personality is no less important. While the former can be acquired, the latter is immutable (barring exceptional circumstances). This is a crucial point when it comes to hiring new talent: do they have the personality that will enable the team they are going to join to progress?

Building an effective team is not an easy task. In order to function at its full potential (and even beyond), it must be more than the sum of its personalities. Ultimately, it is the ability to work together that will determine the value and performance of a team. Hence the importance of building complementary personalities. This is the secret weapon of winning teams: personalities are different, but have the ability to work in unison, in harmony, to achieve the objectives that have been assigned to them.

Four types of personality

To determine the personality of employees, several methods exist. Among these, the DISC (Dominant, Influential, Steady, Conscientious) is one of the most proven. This method leads to the definition of four main personality types, each associated with a colour.

Red: the dominants

They're born leaders. They are competitive and like to take risks. Reds are determined, ultra-rational and think fast. They hate wasting time and like to make decisions. It will be understood: many leaders are from this group.

Yellow: the influentials

Always optimistic, they are sociable, enthusiastic, imaginative and full of humour. They like to cultivate their relationships. The yellow ones are very informal and full of energy. They like to work with others but do not appreciate being restricted in their creativity...

Blue: the conscientious

They are analytical in nature and very attentive to detail. Blues may be perceived as perfectionists because of their logical, systematic, precise and deliberate approach to problems or solutions. They like to get all the facts and then logically put together an answer that works for them. They may appear distant because they are uncomfortable with emotions.

Green: the steady ones

They're cool, always listening and patient. Greens have personality traits that make them easygoing. Trust is a key word for them. Facilitators when conflict arises, they are even-tempered but they can have difficulty managing periods of high stress.

Creating the best possible team is about blending these different personalities so that together they can give their best. Using a method such as DISC at the time of recruitment will help to identify different personality types, determine how each one reacts to others, and improve behavioural skills.

The Jobgether solution

Does the recruitment world still underestimate the importance of the personality of candidates? Not taking this into account would, of course, be an exaggerated assertion. However, it is still difficult for them to achieve their full potential. This is not the case with Jobgether.

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