Posts from homeworking that have gained space

Jun 9, 2022
Posts from homeworking that have gained space

Internet development and advances in the area of communication technology have boosted telecommuting. In fact, many organizations have included remote work within their corporate culture.

For this reason, it is common to find more people interested in working from home. Having more quality time with their families, avoiding long trips and complying with the office protocols, are some of the most appreciated benefits of this modality.

Here are some of the telecommuting positions that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years:

Software experts

Given the constant technological advances, software development experts are the most requested by organizations. This category includes everything from engineering to application development, website design, systems administration, and testing and operations infrastructure.

There is a lot of demand and the payment is attractive. The 2019 Stack Overflow survey highlights that a developer's annual salary ranges from $52,000 to $90,000. In the case of software engineers, the average salary can exceed $100,000 per year. It is definitely a very attractive telecommuting option.

Online marketing as telecommuting

It is one of the most popular and varied majors for digital nomads. Almost all companies are focused on boosting their website, blogs, and social networks. Therefore, they need professionals who develop good SEO strategies as well as creating valuable content for audiences.  

It works with the pillars of the organizations, but it can be flexible once the subject of the content and the times of publication are defined.

Virtual assistant

This is a telecommuting that goes from administrative office assistant, social network programming, content creation, email management, support in receiving calls, etc. This job has grown and has given the freedom to the applicants to work from their homes and charge per hour between $30 to $50. For this work, training is needed, as well as full knowledge of the organization that is being served.


The demand for content has increased. The growth of business websites, as well as the increase in digital publications in the last decade, has made freelance writers have more offers. The key for those who dabble in this area is to have contacts and promote themselves. Once a client list has been created, it is easier to obtain well-paid independent jobs. On the other hand, technical writing for those who have knowledge in specific fields is a well-paid niche: writing manuals, online help articles, training, etc.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is another option with great demand. It is a remote creative work with a bright future. No company, institution, or entity does not need help in this area. It is an occupation that requires many skills: Basic knowledge of web design, Adobe, and other software is essential along with HTML / CSS.

Social media manager

All companies with a presence on digital platforms have a social media manager. These specialists are responsible for managing social networks. Their work ranges from making publications, answering questions and inquiries from the audience, planning strategies for users, etc. All this aimed towards the good reputation of the brand that hires them. It is a telecommuting relatively new but important.

English teacher

The globalization of markets has made English a universal language. One of the best ways to earn money online is to teach English. While the latest technologies have changed the world of teaching, a good teacher is necessary to learn the principles of a language that is present in every corner of the world. Tutoring and curriculum creation are options for those who live in the digital world.


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