SMEs too are on their way to adopt remote jobs

Sep 17, 2022
SMEs too are on their way to adopt remote jobs

Remote jobs are also making headway in small and medium-sized businesses. Let's take a look at the French example.

The statistic says it all. According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, remote and hybrid job offers now attract 7 times more applications than on site job ads alone. A striking figure in the context of the great resignation we are currently experiencing. And a strong argument for the implementation of flexible work processes within companies.

Today, employees are more than ever on the move. This is particularly true of generations Y and Z. For the latter, salary, while still important, is no longer the only determinant that will guide their professional choices. As psychosciologist Marlène Legay notes, "their aspirations are different. People under 25 no longer see a career as a linear progression up the ladder. They attach great importance to personal fulfillment, to the meaning of their job. It's a real change. "[1]  She continues: "Generations Y and especially Z want to show themselves as they are. They expect the company to be honest with them, to be authentic. They need to know what they will be used for.

Remote jobs: the demand is growing

Under these conditions, it's not surprising that the demand for telecommuting jobs keeps growing. An example of this is a survey conducted by the SHRM Institute in the United States. In the US, half of all employees are now looking for telecommuting jobs. In fact, 63% of them believe that returning to the office no longer makes sense when the job can be done completely remotely. 

In fact, returning to the office without justification is no longer tolerated by employees. The proof is in Apple. Its policy of returning to the office has been, to say the least, badly received by the American giant's employees who, through petitions, have shown their discontent and demanded to be able to work from wherever they want.

The fact remains that the issue of remote working, contrary to what it may sometimes seem, does not only concern large groups. What about the progression of remote jobs within SMEs? This is the subject of a survey published by BpiFrance Le Lab at the end of June.

In France, the use of telecommuting was largely a minority among small structures. Before the Covid crisis, only 27% of SME managers allowed their employees to telework. and the different confinements forced them to adapt. At the end of 2021, 46% of them authorized this form of work organization. 

Towards a perpetuation of remote jobs in SMEs

Are business leaders intending to perpetuate this situation ? Yes, says BpiFrance Le Lab, which explains that "the increased use of telework should continue after the health crisis, especially in Ile-de-France". Thus, 74% of managers intend to perpetuate at least partially after the crisis, the surplus of teleworking days authorized at the height of the crisis. 

This is explained by the performance recorded. 52% of SME managers say that their employees are as productive when working from home as when working on site. They are 7% to estimate that they are more productive when they work remotely. Not surprisingly, small businesses in the service and trade sectors are more likely to work remotely than those in industry.

The penetration of remote jobs in small organizations is of great importance. In France, they constitute the vast majority of companies and concentrate half of the workforce. And it goes without saying that the new work-related aspirations of employees do not only concern large companies. The war for talents does not distinguish between an international group and a company with 50 employees. 

Today, employees are making flexibility a must do. Companies have an obligation to meet this demand, otherwise they will lose the best candidates. This also applies to small companies.

[1] In the daily “20 minutes” (09/13/2022): « Emploi : Pourquoi les générations Y et Z sont-elles infidèles à leur employeur ? » 


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