Remote Jobs for Retired Seniors - Embrace Retirement with Additional Income Opportunities

Nov 27, 2023
Remote Jobs for Retired Seniors - Embrace Retirement with Additional Income Opportunities

Remote jobs can provide retirees with a substantial income supplement. Here's how.

The transition to retirement is a cause for concern. And it's a global concern. In 2019, a survey carried out by Schroders, a company specializing in asset management, took stock of the issue by questioning 25,000 individual investors. Almost a quarter of them believe they are not saving enough to finance their entire retirement. 

This is a legitimate concern, given the current state of pension funding. The deterioration is constant. According to the World Economic Forum, the countries with the largest pension funds will have an accumulated deficit of $400,000 billion in 2050, compared with $70,000 billion in 2015.

In short, there will be no choice. Many retirees will have to start looking for additional income (if they haven't already) in order to live with dignity. A quest to which remote jobs can undoubtedly make a positive contribution.

The need for digital literacy

First of all, we need to dispel the myth that older people are digitally illiterate. It is said that seniors have the greatest difficulty mastering digital technologies. If it was accurate, this situation would prevent them from working from home. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Online shopping, information searches, administrative formalities - seniors already make abundant use of the digital technologies they know how to use. The transition to professional use should therefore pose no problem for them, and they are well equipped to take advantage of the flexibility offered by remote working. In fact, retirees who wish to supplement their income in this way have everything to gain. Here's why.


The advantages of Remote Jobs for senior workers

  1. No geographical limitations

With online jobs, you don't have to live near the company you're working for. All tasks are performed from the comfort of your own home. So you can continue to enjoy your "home sweet home", while concentrating on your assignments.

  1. Elimination of commuting

This is, of course, one of the corollaries of remote jobs, and one of their most important advantages. They eliminate the need to commute, which can be particularly tiring. This saves not only time, but also energy, which can be invested in far more interesting activities. 

  1. Continue to focus on your personal life

Retirement is also a time when you want to refocus on the things that are essential to you. A remote job preserves this need. The flexibility it offers allows you to compose your schedule in perfect harmony with your priorities. As a senior worker, you can devote as much time as you like to your family, hobbies and passions.

  1. Valuing experience and skills

Seniors have invaluable professional expertise. Remote working offers organizations the opportunity to recognize these skills and exploit them to solve complex problems. It's a good way of valuing older employees, who often still have a lot to give to the corporate world.


What are the strategies for successful remote working?

To work remotely, there are a number of avenues to explore. Here are a few of them.

Keeping your skills up to date:

Successful remote working means that you have to constantly update your technological skills. Ongoing training is essential if you are to continue to give the best of your professional expertise. Digital technology is the foundation on which remote working is built.

Online networking:

You'll need to make connections with potential employers, customers (if you've chosen the entrepreneurial route, for example), and your peers in the sector in which you work. To do this, it's imperative to keep your online networks active. These have become the essential means by which you'll find remote work opportunities. Don't neglect them.

Flexible choice of projects:

With remote work, senior citizens have a free hand to choose the projects that best match their skills, but also their desires. The flexibility it provides means they can specialize in projects they are genuinely passionate about. All of which makes work more rewarding.


Examples of positions open to retirees


Social Media Manager

The social media manager is in charge of a company's e-reputation (through its brands), intervening on all social media to enhance and optimize its corporate image. The national average salary in the United States exceeds $45,000 per year.

Sales Development Representative 

The SDR (Sales Development Representative) is one of these new professionals. They are responsible for making initial contact with potential customers. The average national salary in the United States is $55,000 a year. 


Consultants work with companies to analyze and solve specific problems. They can operate in a wide variety of fields. They are external service providers who generally work for a firm, but can also act as freelancers. The average salary in the United States is $75,000.


Keeping social ties

Over and above the problems associated with income levels in retirement, remote jobs also offer senior citizens the chance to help reduce age discrimination, while combating the social isolation that so often afflicts them. These are two important social benefits from remote working that should also be highlighted.