Recruitment: did you say disruption?

Jun 9, 2022
Recruitment: did you say disruption?

Disruption is everywhere. Whether in the service, industrial or financial sectors, it is questioning traditional models, revolutionizing practices and giving birth to new companies, these famous "pure-players" who intend to sweep everything in their path. But in the field of recruitment, can we really talk about disruption?

Software isn't everything

Admittedly, the technological revolution impacted this sector, there is no denying it. The supply of recruitment software has increased in recent years. They streamline and automate procedures by allowing the multi-distribution of offers, the monitoring of the recruitment process, the collaborative evaluation of candidates, or even take into account the unavoidable multi-channel dimension of recruitment in order to mutualize the entry points of candidates (social networks, company website, recruitment website).

Research on social networks either

From HR directors to recruitment agencies, all claim to have implemented a winning digital HR strategy, by being connected 48/24 (!) to social networks, starting with Linkedin, which has become "unavoidable". But despite all this, has anything really been disrupted? What if behind this appearance of modernity, nothing has really changed?

An appearance of disruption

In a long post published on... Linkedin, Guiam Wainwright, Data and HR Specialist, calls for the disruption of the sector, a way of making it clear that, for him, we are not there yet. The fault lies not in the absence of the latest generation of tools (although he believes that the real revolution will be sealed when artificial intelligence applied to HR is at full power), but rather in the way in which recruitment continues to be based on outdated patterns.

Reversing paradigms

For Guiam Waiwright, "I need to find a candidate" is still too often, the chorus sung by recruiters. But the song is dated, says Wainwright, for whom "finding a candidate" is really not that difficult. Hence the idea of totally reversing the paradigm. In short, the problem for the recruiter is not to "find a candidate" but to identify the candidate who is really suitable for the job.

Going beyond the Resume

However, even today, the procedures used are still particularly tedious. Recruiting on the basis of Resumes alone, especially when you receive hundreds of them for a single position, is quite a challenge. All the more so as the sorting, carried out by a human being (and their inevitable cognitive biases), does not guarantee the success of the mission. To carry it out, it is therefore not enough to focus, as is still too often the case today, on the candidate's skills alone. You have to look much further by assessing the candidate's personality, their appetites, the degree of compatibility with the company's culture, and so on.

The 360-degree approach

In short, successful recruitment means deploying a 360-degree approach, something that traditional recruiters are hard pressed to offer. The offer that will really disrupt the sector will be the one that will be able to create a platform that will take into account all the dimensions of the candidate in order to propose the 5 best possible matches for a recruitment cost divided by 10. But doesn't this company already exist?

Look less, find better.