The importance of personality to build committed teams

Jun 9, 2022
The importance of personality to build committed teams

One of the great challenges for companies is to create committed teams and keep them engaged. A company needs emotionally connected workers who invest their time, talent and energy to add value and move forward to meet the objectives of the organization. It is known that the percentage of job satisfaction in the world is low, which challenges leaders to preserve the enthusiasm of their employees. The key to this is to create teams with different personality types that work well together.

Brent Gleeson, founder and CEO of Taking Point Leadership, explains in an article published in Forbes magazine that one of the main objectives of leaders is to define and communicate a powerful vision within the organisation. They are responsible for recruiting and developing executives who are emotionally committed to the company's mission. Ultimately, the company must provide them with the resources to build committed teams with the right personalities for the roles they are given. This is the first step in building effective work groups, which is crucial to the success of the business. The key to everything is: to recruit people whose personality fits well in the team.

Keys for creating committed teams

Taking advantage of the potential of employees is important. For this, it is necessary to know their personality type to create teams where their members complement each other. This will help the group to see things clearly, as well as understanding each other in a good way to reduce conflicts.

Teams must be made up of people with different visions. To be a great motivator, it is necessary to adapt to the different personalities of coworkers. Whether you are a manager or are just curious about the category in which your employees are, here we explain these four personality types to create high-performance and committed teams:

The analytical

Logical, cautious and sensible. Feel more comfortable when they have everything organized and with clear guidelines to know where they are. Like systems. The analytical employee looks for a general context to identify where the project is going. Someone with this personality needs a fair work environment and intellectual challenges to thrive.

The driver

They always take control. Take the first step, energetic and positive. Hard to manage and direct, but very easy to motivate. Extremely enthusiastic, the driver wants to stay busy. Take risks and can solve problems on the fly. To manage employees with this personality, it is important to provide them with opportunities that lead to the satisfaction of success and propose challenging projects and tasks according to their skills and values.

The amiable

Driven by a sense of belonging. They usually are the most appreciated person in the workplace. They are silent, try to avoid conflicts and always have supporting words for their teammates. Stubborn sometimes when things are not as they proposed. Managers must consider taking the time to talk to employees who have this personality to make them see that they are important. You should explain the task they are being asked for and why.

The expressive

Gather all the enthusiasm for a project. Are enthusiastic by nature and the creative engine of the team. Will put all their energy and work hard on what they are passionate about. Organization and order are not characteristics that define the expressive. They are capable of involving others but need support to make their ideas come true. To keep the expressive interested, it is key to allow them to drain all that energy and give them the tools to keep them on track.

Teamwork involves gathering or bringing together several personalities to carry out a project. When committed to achieving the goal, members will make every effort to promote creativity, motivate each other and exchange experiences and knowledge. But achieving the dream team not only depends on the experience and skills of those who make it up because, as we have seen, it is very important to join workers according to their personality to help not only to get feedback but also for harmony reign to achieve the objectives more quickly and effectively.

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