Dissatisfaction at work: Jobgether has the solution to the problem

Jun 9, 2022
Dissatisfaction at work: Jobgether has the solution to the problem

85%1 of employees worldwide are not engaged and/or satisfied with their company. A rate that has hardly improved in recent years, a sign of real unease. A recurring problem to which Jobgether provides the solution.

Even today, we still too often find ourselves either in the wrong job or in the wrong company. And when it comes to employment, the expectations of generations Y and following are radically different from those of their elders: work-life balance, valuing the individual, transparency and ethics, independence of thought, respect among colleagues... Above all, they are looking for meaning, including in the world of work. Their primary concern is therefore to find the right match, the project in which they can fully blossom. But how do they do this?

First of all, decision to leave the company must be taken. This is not an easy step to take, as the options available may discourage the best will in the search for a new job. What are the options?

  • Going through a Job Board: a process that is often tedious and involves going through hundreds of advertisements before applying. The reward is a message such as: "Thank you for your application, you are one of the 587 candidates who applied for this ad, we will contact you soon" , which means never (or hardly).
  • Contact a recruiter: you update your LinkedIn profile and wait to be contacted. It can take several months to receive a real interesting opportunity.
  • Turn to your network. On paper, this is probably the most effective way. In reality, the inevitably small size of the latter will mechanically limit the chances of success.

Looking for a position remains a long and tedious process. This is why the majority of employees do not change. Because they don't really have an easy and obvious solution at their disposal!

On the company side, the situation is not much better. For them, recruitment remains a major challenge. It takes time and above all it is expensive! On average, a headhunter costs €7,000, or 15 to 30% of the annual salary.

Today, recruiting via LinkedIn, which is the most widely used tool, is not easy. Either the right applicant is not visible, or the recruiter has to deal with several hundred applications for one position. Especially since CVs alone are no longer enough to make effective decisions. From now on, we no longer recruit solely on the basis of competence and a diploma... We also recruit by giving great importance to the applicant's state of mind, values, personality, soft skills, etc... In short, by filtering applicants solely on the basis of a CV, you are more than certain to lose excellent applicants along the way who perfectly match your company's culture and values and who, moreover, would have become fully committed employees.

Jobgether matches companies and applicants

It is exactly to meet all these challenges that we launched Jobgether in October 2019. Our goal is to connect candidates and companies, without them having to look for each other. With the ambition to improve job satisfaction!

- How does it work for the applicant?

Nothing could be simpler. He will fill in his Jobgether profile by describing himself under 6 axes that define his professional DNA: education, experience, competence, psychological profile, professional style (including values, leadership, etc.) and ambitions. The idea is therefore to understand who he is and what his aspirations are. This is all the more important as we are primarily targeting current executives in search of greater professional fulfilment.

Once an applicant’s profile has been created, there is nothing more for them to do. Our Matching algorithms will send him or her "matches" with companies that exactly match his or her profile. Only the relevant matches are proposed. This saves him or her a tedious search.

A huge advantage, he can control access to his profile at any time. He chooses which companies will have access to his confidential information by accepting the matches offered by Jobgether.  

- And what about the company?

The fine tuning of the Match will be very important for the company. We have the applicants who match with the criteria usually requested (experience, competence, level of education, salary). But in addition, thanks to our 6 dimensions, the company will be able to access the 5 best profiles, those that best match the offer and the structure, based on a matching system that takes into account the values and culture of the company, the personality sought for the position, the leadership style sought, etc.

To sum up, the algorithm is weighted as follows: 60% on traditional criteria and 40% on soft/human criteria.

The idea is therefore to make the recruiter's life as easy as possible: in one click, he can proceed with his interview requests by giving priority to the 5 best applicants proposed.

Experience shows us that recruitment with Jobgether takes less than a week and that the cost to the company is on average divided by 10, i.e. 700€ per assignment.

Jobgether, a model in tune with the times

We created Jobgether with 3 partners of completely different nationalities, skills, generations and professional backgrounds (entrepreneurs and senior executives). Our international team is now composed of about fifteen people, most of them freelancers. All our recruitments have been done remotely (even before Covid-19). Our interactions take place solely by videoconference, which has not prevented us from creating a real corporate culture where seriousness and fun go hand in hand.

We work in two different time zones with 50% of the team in Latin America and the other half in Europe and the Middle East. We do not have offices. We are all based at home in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Zaragoza, Tel Aviv, Bogota, Caracas and Buenos Aires.

What we have in common is that we share the same passion for this project and the conviction that the recruitment market needs to be fundamentally transformed. This project gives meaning to our work and is useful to the society in which we live. One should never accept to work again if they don't find a use for what they do (dixit Graeber Bullshit Job).

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