The most in-demand occupations are in the technology field

Jun 9, 2022
The most in-demand occupations are in the technology field

The most in-demand jobs today belong to the technological area. Organizations require people specialized in new technologies to drive changes in corporate, commercial, and financial strategies.

The digital development has transformed the working market. It has been observed a rising of 13.9% in job offers linked to new technologies that didn’t exist 15 years ago.

New careers are more valued because companies are facing changes. A study by Michael Page, a consulting firm, indicates that software engineering is one of the most required professions. Followed by electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and medicine.

High-level companies have difficulties in finding qualified technological professionals. Because of this, the leading organizations fight for talents with better training in the digital area.

Engineering: one the most in-demand jobs

For the consultancy Randstad, the digitalization of companies will require a large number of professionals to design and execute the transformations. Therefore, it estimates that since 2019 the most in-demand jobs will be automation and control engineering, or profiles linked to electronics and mechanics.

The professional of the future will be a person who knows technology, the digital world, and connectivity. Even beyond their knowledge, they will stand out for their resolving capacity and for upgrading their knowledge regularly.

The digital transformation requires a rethinking of traditional careers. For example, one of the most in-demand jobs will be the mercantilist lawyer with a master's degree in new technologies. With the rise of digitalization in companies, vacancies have opened for legal advisers in the creation and negotiation in this area.

It’s not only about the transformation in the technological world, but about the professional’s responsibility to become familiar with these changes in order to exercise their profession. Keeping up with technological advances is a must.

New careers for the upcoming changes

Some people think that the development of technology and robotization will set an end with the existing jobs, but the reality is that new professions are coming our way. Studies indicate that within 10 or 15 years, 65% of today's students will work in professions that don’t exist yet.

Without getting ahead of the next decade, we can see some of the professions most in demand:

  • Cryptocurrency specialists. Electronic banking transactions and the growth of cryptocurrency operations will require experts.
  • Data security specialists. Companies, institutions, and people will require professionals to protect digital information.
  • Food engineering specialists. Professionals from this area will be needed to explore alternatives in food processing and production. The preservation of food must be guaranteed for the growing world demand.
  • Chief Data Officer. Data management is vital for companies seeking specialized professionals. The objective is to use information as a competitive advantage to attract customers.
  • Lawyers specialized in technology. With the advance of artificial intelligence, the field of law will undergo significant changes. New branches are expected in the legal area, such as legal knowledge engineering, legal technology technician, legal hybrid and legal project manager, among others.

On-going education

Companies experience changes that force employees to be permanently trained in new technologies. For this reason, training is essential to keep workers motivated in light of this new reality.

The conclusions of the last World Economic Forum revealed that 59% of the companies would significantly modify their way of production and distribution. Hence the importance of generating changes in the education system based on the new skills and abilities that will be needed in the labor market.



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