Hiring now: 15 Remote Companies for Flexible Remote Jobs | Part I

May 18, 2023
Hiring now: 15 Remote Companies for Flexible Remote Jobs | Part I

Are you tired of the traditional 9-to-5 office routine? Are you yearning for a more flexible work-life balance? Look no further! In this article, we'll unveil the top 15 remote companies that offer the best remote jobs, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. Embrace the freedom of remote work and explore exciting opportunities with these trailblazing companies. Let's dive in Part I of this article!


1. Deel: Embrace the Ultimate Flexibility with Full Remote Work


In the realm of remote work, Deel stands tall with its outstanding Flex Score of 98%. With a commitment to empowering professionals and solving the challenges of remote work, Deel offers a comprehensive set of benefits and a global team that spans across 150+ countries. Let's dive deeper into what makes Deel a leading remote company that provides unparalleled flexibility and an enriching work environment.


Flexibility at Its Best:
Deel embraces a full remote work policy, allowing employees to choose where they work and granting them the freedom to create their ideal work environment. Whether it's working from the comfort of their homes, enjoying the beachside breeze, or even utilizing the diverse Deel offices or WeWork global membership program, employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere they desire.


Perks That Enhance Your Remote Experience:
Deel understands the importance of supporting its remote workforce and offers an impressive range of perks and benefits. These include:

  • Remote Allowance: To assist with the costs associated with working remotely.
  • Stock Option: Allowing employees to share in the company's success and growth.
  • Parental Perks: Providing support and benefits for employees balancing work and parenting.
  • Private Pension: Ensuring a secure financial future.
  • Private Health Insurance: Taking care of employees' health needs.
  • International Insurance: Offering coverage for international employees.
  • Mobility Allowance: Supporting employees who choose to work from various locations.
  • Daily Lunch/Meal Card: Enjoying a delicious meal on the company's dime.
  • Gym Reimbursement: Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Digital Coaching: Providing resources for personal and professional development.
  • Mentorship Programs: Nurturing growth and learning through mentorship opportunities.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Assisting employees in their pursuit of further education.
  • Wellness Program: Promoting well-being through various wellness initiatives.
  • Child Care Assistance: Supporting working parents with child care needs.
  • Seasonal Social Events: Fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Mental Health Program: Prioritizing employee well-being by offering resources and support.

With an extensive range of perks, Deel ensures that its employees are well taken care of and can thrive in their remote work setup.


Join Deel's Remote Work Revolution:
Deel is not just a remote company; it's a global movement reshaping the way professionals work and collaborate. With 175 job offers available across a diverse range of roles, Deel provides exciting opportunities for talented individuals worldwide. Unlock your potential and explore the numerous remote positions offered by Deel:


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Deel's dedication to remote work and its commitment to creating an inclusive and flexible work environment make it a top choice for those seeking remote job opportunities. With its innovative tools, market-leading technology, and talented team, Deel continues to revolutionize remote work and empower professionals worldwide. Embrace the freedom of remote work and join Deel on their mission to redefine the future of work.

2. HubSpot: Embrace Work-Life Harmony with Remote-First Flexibility


At HubSpot, the focus is on creating an environment where individuals can thrive and do their best work. Recognizing that different people have different preferences, HubSpot places a high value on flexibility. With a Flex Score of 97%, HubSpot is committed to building a flexible, hybrid company that embraces work-life harmony. Let's delve into the details of HubSpot's remote-first approach and the myriad of benefits it offers to its employees.

A Flexible Work Landscape:
HubSpot's flexible work policy allows employees to choose their preferred work arrangement once per calendar year: @office, @home, or @flex. This empowers individuals to create a work environment that best suits their needs. Here's a breakdown of the options:

  1. Work from Home: As a HubSpotter, you have the opportunity to work from your home office for the majority of your time. HubSpot supports you in setting up a safe and productive work-from-home setup to ensure your success.
  2. Work from Anywhere: HubSpot acknowledges the importance of global mobility and permits employees to work in a country where they have work authorization for up to 90 days. After the 90-day period, employees are eligible to work from the country where they are already contracted to work within.
  3. Work from Our Offices: For those who thrive in an office environment, HubSpot's global offices provide a dedicated workspace where employees can come in three or more days per week. Personalize your workspace with your laptop, monitor, and anything else that enhances your productivity. Please note that employees who choose to work primarily @office don't receive an at-home desk setup.

Flexible Working Hours and Days:
HubSpot believes in trusting its employees and promoting autonomy. Here's how the company supports flexibility in working hours and days:

  • Fully Flexible Working Hours: HubSpot empowers its employees by giving them control over their working hours. Trust is at the core of this policy, allowing individuals to manage their time and get the job done effectively.
  • Monday to Friday: Employees are entrusted with good judgment in managing their working days, providing the flexibility to shape their weekly schedule as they see fit.


Unlimited Holidays and Extra Parental Leave:
HubSpot understands the importance of work-life balance and supports its employees' well-being through generous time-off policies. The benefits include:

  • Unlimited Holidays: Employees have the freedom to take time off and recharge. While employees can accrue up to 25 days of annual leave per year, additional paid time off (RTT) can be negotiated with their managers, followed by the opportunity to utilize the unlimited vacation perk.
  • Extra Parental Leave: HubSpot recognizes the significance of family and offers additional parental leave to support employees during these important life moments.


A Wealth of Perks and Benefits:
In addition to its flexible work policies, HubSpot provides an array of perks and benefits to enhance the remote work experience. These include:

  • Remote Allowance
  • Stock Option
  • Parental Perks
  • Private Pension
  • Private Health Insurance
  • International Insurance
  • Mobility Allowance
  • Daily Lunch/Meal Card
  • Gym Reimbursement
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Wellness Program
  • Child Care Assistance
  • Seasonal Social Events
  • Digital Coaching
  • Mental Health Program

Join the HubSpot Team:
With numerous job opportunities available, HubSpot offers an exciting career path for individuals seeking a flexible and inclusive work environment. Explore Jobgether.com to discover the range of positions available and embark on your journey with HubSpot:

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HubSpot's remote-first approach and commitment to work-life harmony make it an exceptional choice for individuals seeking a flexible work environment

3. Oyster: Embrace the Freedom of Full Remote Work


With a Flex Score of 96%, Oyster takes pride in its commitment to remote work. As a fully remote company, Oyster celebrates the advantages of being globally distributed and transforms challenges into strengths. By fostering intentionality, transparency, and clear communication, Oyster creates an environment where remote work flourishes. Let's explore the remarkable work environment and benefits that Oyster offers to its remote team members.


A Remote-First Policy:
Oyster embraces a borderless, HQ-less company model, allowing employees to work remotely from the comfort of their homes. The company fully supports remote work and understands the importance of flexibility and work-life balance. Whether you choose to work from your home office, a favorite café, a co-working space, or even a serene hut in the woods (as long as there's wifi!), Oyster provides the freedom to work from anywhere.


Flexible Working Hours and Days:
At Oyster, flexibility extends beyond the remote work environment. Here's how Oyster supports autonomy in working hours and days:

  • Fully Flexible Working Hours: Oyster recognizes that individuals work differently, and thus, employees have the freedom to set their own working hours, ensuring they meet deadlines and have the necessary support from their teams.
  • Fully Flexible Working Days: From Monday to Friday, employees can choose when they work, as long as they fulfill their responsibilities and maintain effective communication with their colleagues. To encourage focused work, each week concludes with a dedicated Focus Friday, where group meetings, OKR discussions, and similar activities are minimized.

Possibility for Side Projects:
Oyster values personal growth and offers the opportunity for employees to engage in side projects such as volunteering or entrepreneurial pursuits. Time off is provided to accommodate these endeavors, allowing individuals to explore their passions beyond their primary responsibilities.

Generous Holiday and Parental Leave:
Oyster understands the importance of well-deserved time off and supports its employees with exceptional holiday and parental leave policies. The benefits include:

  • Extra Holidays: Oyster provides employees with 40 days off per year, encompassing public/bank holidays as well as vacation/holiday leave. The company ensures that employees have ample time to relax, rejuvenate, and spend quality time with loved ones.
  • Extra Parental Leave: Oyster's parental leave policy is inclusive and applies to all employees becoming parents, regardless of their path to parenthood. Oysters are eligible for a minimum of three months of paid parental leave, and their job is secured for 12 months or longer, as required by local jurisdiction.

An Array of Perks and Benefits:
In addition to its remote work policies, Oyster offers a range of perks and benefits to support employee well-being and growth. These include:

  • Stock Option
  • Parental Perks
  • Private Health Insurance
  • International Insurance
  • Seasonal Social Events
  • Mental Health Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Remote Allowance
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Digital Coaching

Join the Oyster Team:
Oyster invites talented individuals seeking remote work experience to explore the latest job opportunities available from Oyster at Jobgether.com. With Oyster, you can unleash your potential, contribute to a globally distributed team, and experience the freedom of remote work.

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Oyster's commitment to remote work, flexibility, and transparency sets the stage for a thriving remote work environment. With a variety of benefits, generous leave policies, and a global network of colleagues, Oyster empowers its employees to achieve work-life balance and pursue personal and professional growth. Join Oyster on its remote work revolution and unlock new possibilities in your career journey.


4. Automattic: Work Remotely and Make an Impact


With a Flex Score of 94%, Automattic offers a unique remote work experience that empowers employees to choose their own adventure. As a globally distributed company with team members in 96 countries, Automattic thrives on flexibility, collaboration, and the pursuit of making the web and the world a better place. Let's explore the remarkable work environment, perks, and values that define Automattic.

Choose Your Location, Embrace Remote Work:
At Automattic, remote work is not just a trend; it's the foundation of the company's operations. Every team member has the freedom to work from the location of their choice. With 70% of projects tracked on P2-themed WordPress.com blogs, 25% in private chat rooms, and the rest on Slack, Automattic operates around the clock, leveraging the advantages of its global and diverse workforce. The focus is on the quality of work produced rather than the number of hours worked.

Onboarding and Connection:
To ensure a good fit and compatibility, Automattic invites potential candidates to collaborate on a project together on contract. This collaboration typically lasts between two to six weeks, providing an opportunity to experience firsthand how Automattic works. Upon joining full-time, new employees spend their first two weeks doing customer support for WordPress.com and continue to engage with support annually, fostering a lasting connection with the users of their products.

Meaningful Meetups:
Automattic recognizes the importance of in-person connections and holds a company-wide Grand Meetup once a year. This seven-day event brings all Automatticians together to forge bonds that influence their work throughout the year. The Grand Meetup takes place in diverse locations such as San Francisco, La Paz, Oracle, Breckenridge, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Seaside, Budapest, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Park City, Whistler, and Orlando. Additionally, teams have their own meetups for brainstorming and bonding, providing an opportunity to strategize and collaborate in various global locales.

A Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values at Automattic. The company actively fosters discussions and initiatives to create inclusive spaces. With employees across 50 countries, Automattic aims to lead by example and share its efforts in promoting diversity. The company believes that diversity is vital to making meaningful contributions and encourages individuals who share this commitment to apply.

Perks and Benefits:
Automattic values the well-being and growth of its employees, offering a range of perks and benefits:

  • Professional Development: Automattic supports continuous learning through leadership development programs, writing skill improvement resources, and reimbursement for hardware, software, books, and conferences.
  • Career Coaching: All Automatticians, including team members and team leads, have access to coaching sessions to set and achieve professional goals.
  • Time Off: Automattic has an open vacation policy, encouraging employees to take at least 25 days of time off per year to recharge and be at their best.
  • Home Office: Employees receive support for home office setups and coworking allowances, enabling them to work comfortably and effectively.
  • Life Insurance: Automattic provides company-sponsored life insurance coverage for employees.
  • Parental Leave: Open parental leave is available for maternity, paternity, LGBTQ+, and adoption for all parents, with up to 6 months of fully paid leave after 12 months of tenure.
  • Anniversary Awards: Every five years, Automatticians are encouraged to take a three-month paid sabbatical. Additionally, a set of wireless headphones is given to celebrate a seven-year anniversary.
  • Wellness: Automattic prioritizes mental wellness by offering an Employee Assistance Program, a monthly subscription to mindfulness apps, virtual ergonomic consultations, and access to a wealth of wellness resources.
  • Automattic Stock: Employees have the opportunity to be part of Automattic's growth and success through stock options.

Automattic embraces the power of remote work, enabling employees to choose their own adventure and make a meaningful impact. With a global and diverse team, flexible work arrangements, regular meetups, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a wide range of perks and benefits, Automattic offers a fulfilling and supportive work environment. If you're passionate about shaping the web and the world, consider joining Automattic and becoming an Automattician.


5. GitLab: Embracing All-Remote Work and Inclusion


GitLab is the world's largest all-remote company, with a workforce of 2,017 team members spread across more than 65 countries. As an all-remote organization, GitLab prioritizes the empowerment of individuals to work and live wherever they find fulfillment. By fostering a truly inclusive and equal environment, GitLab creates a level playing field for all team members. Let's delve into the unique aspects of being an all-remote company and the benefits it brings.

The Essence of All-Remote:
In the all-remote model, every individual within the organization has the freedom to work from anywhere they choose. GitLab doesn't restrict employees to working from home; instead, they celebrate the diversity of work environments. Whether it's a coworking space, a friend's house, or a new location every month, team members are encouraged to find their ideal work environment. This flexibility allows employees to adapt to their individual needs, regardless of time zone or lifestyle.

A Level Playing Field:
What sets all-remote apart is its ability to create a first-class experience for every team member. In hybrid-remote settings, there may be a perceived divide between those working in the office and those working remotely. However, in an all-remote environment like GitLab, everyone is on an equal footing. There's no hierarchy based on physical presence, ensuring that remote individuals are not left out or deprioritized. All-remote empowers individuals who may have faced challenges in traditional work settings, such as caregivers, working parents, or military spouses who relocate frequently. It allows their careers to flourish, following them wherever life takes them.

No Company-Owned Offices:
GitLab takes the all-remote approach to the extreme by not having any company-owned offices. This deliberate decision ensures that every member of leadership is remote, eliminating any physical gathering that might create an uneven playing field. This inclusive structure allows each team member to create a workspace that suits them best, fostering a sense of autonomy and ownership.

No Location Hierarchy:
In an all-remote company like GitLab, there is no location hierarchy. Team members work asynchronously, valuing the contributions of individuals across all time zones equally. This approach erases the notion that one location or region is more important than another, promoting a truly global and inclusive mindset.

Freedom to Change Locations:
All-remote provides the freedom to work from various locations without seeking permission. Team members have the flexibility to work from coworking spaces, rental offices, homes, or even while traveling. There are no constraints on where or how frequently individuals can relocate. This flexibility not only accommodates digital nomads but also supports individuals with mobility challenges or family commitments. It treats everyone as equals, regardless of their chosen lifestyle.

Careers, Not Outsourcing:
It's crucial to distinguish all-remote from outsourcing or offshoring. GitLab's all-remote approach is centered on hiring the best talent globally, regardless of location. It is not about cost-cutting but about spreading career-building opportunities to underserved regions. GitLab is committed to cultivating a diverse and talented workforce that brings unique perspectives and experiences to the table.

In-Person Interactions and Gatherings:
While GitLab thrives in an all-remote environment, the company recognizes the value of in-person interactions. 

  • GitLab Contribute, a shared experience for the entire team, takes place every 9 to 12 months, allowing team members to come together. 
  • Additionally, GitLab supports team members in organizing reimbursed holiday gatherings, GitLab Commit events, and attending conferences and trade shows. 
  • These intentional and selective in-person gatherings complement the daily remote work experience, strengthening connections and fostering collaboration.

GitLab has embraced the all-remote model to create an inclusive, diverse, and empowering work environment. By enabling individuals to work and live where they find fulfillment, GitLab breaks down geographical barriers and fosters a level playing field for all team members. The absence of company-owned offices, the elimination of location hierarchy, and the freedom to change locations empower individuals to craft their ideal work environments. 


Check the latest job offers from GitLab: See all offers.

GitLab's commitment to in-person interactions further enhances collaboration and strengthens bonds within the team. If you seek a career that transcends physical boundaries and values inclusivity, GitLab offers an exciting opportunity to be part of the future of work.

Stay tuned for Part II with more offers and flexible companies!



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