Get the job with your soft skills !

Jun 9, 2022
Get the job with your soft skills !

This is it. The big day has come. You have passed the first selection stages and are finally arriving at your job interview. You're sure of it: in terms of technical skills (hard skills), you undoubtedly have the ideal profile. Your CV proves it. But you know that's not enough. To make the difference, you'll also have to be sure of your soft skills that recruiters are now looking for and which are made up of a mix of social skills, personality traits, attitudes and emotional intelligence.

Soft skills are sometimes innate and sometimes acquired over time. But today they are the glue that will help you get the job. 

Most of the questions the recruiter will ask you will revolve around these soft skills.

Some of the most sought-after skills include :

  • Communication skills
  • Persuasive skills
  • Cooperation
  • Enthusiasm
  • ...

You will have to show that you have these skills. This is how.

We explain how.

  1. Show that you know how to persuade those around you
    Do you like coaching and are you good at it? It's obviously good to say so. But it's even better to prove it. Describe a time when your advice helped a team member earn praise or a promotion. List examples of how you solve difficult problems and work well as a team. Your ability to positively influence those around you is an extremely important attribute. Do you negotiate effectively with different teams and individuals? Can you confidently build strong business relationships at all levels of an organization? Gather examples of how you have done this in the past. Practice telling your stories and don't hesitate to test yourself with friends.
  2. Be a natural communicator
    Knowing how to communicate well is one of the soft skills on the recruiters' top list. So you'll also have to show that you're a master in this area. The interview is the ideal moment to prove it live. Prepare for the interview by practicing speaking about your experience out loud. During the interview, make your answers clear, concise and precise. And because successful communication also requires good listening skills, remember to pay close attention to what is being asked of you.
  3. Mobilize social networks in your favor
    Recruiters want proof. Ask your current and past colleagues to post LinkedIn recommendations attesting to your soft skills (and at the same time, your hard skills). This will convince them that you're right.
  4. Show enthusiasm
    What are employers looking for? A candidate who really fits the company's culture, who is genuinely interested in the company and passionate about what he or she does. So show enthusiasm (without necessarily falling into feigned passion). One thing is certain: in interviews, it's a real asset.

In its annual Hiring Trends survey, job site CareerBuilders found that about 92% of employers consider behavioral skills essential at the interview stage. In addition, 80% of them consider interpersonal traits to be just as important or more important than technical skills. In turn, the LinkedIn's 2020 Skills Reportt found that soft skills are now one of the key differentiators for employees in the new decade.

In short, soft skills are a MUST. Know how to show them and you'll win. It's up to you...

Look less, find better.