Looking for work... the obstacle course?!

Jun 9, 2022
Looking for work... the obstacle course?!

Finding a job is not a simple task. Today, millions of people around the world spend hours behind their laptop to improve their resumes and look for open positions in organizations. If this is your case, do not despair, evaluate the job market well and get advice from experts to take the professional step you want.

Looking for work has become an odyssey for many reasons.

In principle, the job market is perhaps not as wide as it seems at first glance. Some companies that post vacancies are not intended to fill all positions. Instead, they promote their own workers, and arriving applicants pass into the pool of potential candidates that can be called upon when new positions are opened. The point is that you don’t assume that your experience is different from other people who are in the task of finding a job. It’s just that many candidates compete for a certain number of vacancies.

On the other hand, it is important to recognize that the job market has changed. Decades ago, companies were looking for candidates to employ them for many years. Today everything is different, as new generations of workers, especially millennials, constantly change jobs throughout their careers. Hence, companies need to immediately receive the return on investment by hiring. This leads organizations to be more selective.

In short, this scenario forces you to be assertive in your strategy. All the steps matter, but they demand a lot from you: from preparing the curriculum to targeting the right job.

The usual way of finding a job involves a lot of effort

There are many things you can do to improve the chances of finding the dream job. Traditionally, candidates spend a lot of time and desire to build their resume, find contacts, and apply to the "right" job. In most opportunities, despair and fatigue end faith.

The most used tools and advice given nowadays include the following:

A good resume. More than a formality, it is often said that resumes have a lot of weight these days. Therefore, it is important to provide valuable information for the employer. The idea of only making a description of work experience, studies, and tools of the applicant is gone. Organizations want to know more about you and how you can boost the position for which you opt.

You must use relevant keywords that can get the attention of the employer. Since everything is based on numbers today, it is important to use them to explain your achievements in previous work. Example: "I led a team of 15 people and we increased the productivity of the department by 25%."

Apply for the right job. When looking for a new job, it is key to point to the indicated one. For this, you must show the right skills on your resume so that employers pay immediate attention. It is important to remember that recruitment managers must be seduced in a few minutes. There is no defined strategy or rules in this regard, so you should try based on trial and error.

Networking. Take advantage of the contacts you have harvested throughout your career. To achieve the objectives you must be proactive and seek information from the people who are in the companies where you want to work. You must look for all the ways to make yourself visible.

However, experience shows us that the dedication invested by following these tips is not always rewarded.

Don't lose faith, Jobgether is here

If you have tried everything and have not received messages from a new employer, do not despair. We know that finding a job is a complicated task. We know that finding a job is a complicated task. This is the time to review your strategy to improve it. Have you ever wondered if there is a company that helps you connect with other companies without having to invest time in searching?

Jobgether offers you the solution to find the job you've been looking for. Upon entering at jobgether.com, you will be able to create your unique profile so that the algorithms start the selection process, and match the companies that are registered and need an employee with your characteristics.

Beyond looking for a job according to the applicant's skills and experience, Jobgether connects professionally dissatisfied people with companies that share the same values, personality, and objectives. The most important thing is that your identity will always be protected.

Some specialists in the area recommend that people who are not working should invest 25 hours a week to look for a job. While those who have one and want another would need at least 15 hours. But whether you are unemployed or watching for a new opportunity, Jobgether is an ally that leads you to the desired job without the need for tedious searches.



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