Emotional intelligence is the key to success at work

Jun 9, 2022
Emotional intelligence is the key to success at work

Emotional intelligence is a competence that is well valued by human resources departments. In addition to a perfect resume curriculum, employees must have the ability to bond with the office environment.

Being able to manage emotions is now an essential part of the profile of workers.

A recent study by the Swiss company Adecco indicates that emotional intelligence stands out among the qualities that a good boss must have. Emotional intelligence helps control the mood to handle any situation. An employee who knows their emotions is capable of maintaining a positive attitude to achieve the objectives.

Many studies highlight that an emotionally stable professional also improves their health. On the other side, their work performance raises, their creativity explode, and they gain more confidence to walk towards success.

Motivated workers in a company mean a good work environment.

Companies value emotional intelligence

Academic records along with the IQ had great significance in previous decades. But since the 1990s, the emotional competencies of workers have become essential for organizations.

The ability to identify emotions and understand them in order to improve relationships with colleagues is of great importance in an increasingly technical work market.

Employees with higher emotional intelligence have a more positive influence in their environment. This helps the group overcome obstacles and achieve the goals set, even at a low cost.

A person with high emotional intelligence stands out because:

  • Is capable of recognizing their emotions. That is why they have the advantage to make appropriate decisions and can also mitigate negative feelings and adapt to the environment.
  • Has the ability for self-control. They recognize their strengths and weaknesses in certain situations which gives them the power to stay motivated.
  • Has good relationships in the workplace. Is capable of putting in other people’s shoes. They establish strong and long-lasting bonds with their colleagues to motivate them to complete the tasks that the company requires.
  • Influences positively in the group. That is why they can read through their colleagues and the environment where the projects are going. Their intuition is vital to detect any anomaly.

An important subject in universities

The World Economic Forum recognizes that, in the face of changes in the labour world, it is necessary that subjects such as the development of social and emotional skills are part of the curriculum.

According to the agency, emotional intelligence will be among the ten most important skills that a worker will need by 2020.

Cognitive flexibility, negotiation, service orientation, judgment and decision making, coordination with others, people management, creativity, critical thinking, and solving complex problems are the other skills listed by the World Economic Forum.

Organizations and their human resources departments tend to be more emotional. Although the individual virtues of workers are important, teamwork and coexistence to reach the goals also play an essential role.

Control is the key to success

In general, people with emotional intelligence are more likely to achieve success. If emotions are not handled correctly, there is a risk of failure regardless of the IQ.

Being able to control emotions is fundamental for professionals who develop relationships areas. They are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, so they stay healthier and with better mood.

The professional of the future who wants to transcend must take into account that as far as they know themselves better, they will be able to understand their colleagues better. Communicating will be more effective, and they will become better leaders in favor of the company.


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