Cultivating Your Company Culture to Attract Top Real Estate Agents

Jun 8, 2023
Cultivating Your Company Culture to Attract Top Real Estate Agents

Establishing a distinct company culture is crucial for your real estate brokerage’s success. It’s not just a great talking point to include in your ads to recruit agents, but also a proven way to enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. It can also make your company more attractive to potential candidates.

Of course, developing your company culture takes a bit of work. Thus, you may be tempted to copy the proven and attractive strategies of well-known companies. The problem with this is that what works for them may not work for you, because of factors like company size and budget.  As such, the better approach is to define your identity as a company, your goals, and your values, then work from there. Doing this can help you design and cultivate a more authentic culture that drives a positive, motivating environment, where people can feel appreciated and thrive.

With all that being said, here are some tips to get started on establishing your company culture (or how to revamp your existing one) that can attract and retain top real estate agents:

Revisit Your Core Values

Your company’s core values are your fundamental beliefs. They not only help guide how your employees work, but also influence decision-making within the brokerage. In short, they’re the most important building blocks of a strong and unique company culture.

Make sure that your core values align with your mission and vision. Then, integrate them into every aspect of your operations. For example, if your brokerage values integrity, then you should advocate for transparency in your dealings with clients and stakeholders. This shows that you’re capable of “walking the talk.”

Promote Flexibility Through Collaboration and Teamwork

Two of the biggest contributors to success in the real estate industry are collaboration and teamwork. Thus, it isn’t just those in leadership or management positions who should decide what your brokerage’s culture should be. Leaders should have the humility and flexibility to receive constructive feedback from the employees, who will embody your company’s values. You can collect people’s opinions and suggestions through surveys, and then pinpoint common concerns so you can address them.

You can also exemplify collaboration and teamwork within your brokerage by breaking down departmental barriers. Instead of having a single team handling a project, encourage a cross-working environment. This can enhance communication, innovation, and problem-solving. By promoting a culture of collaboration, real estate companies can create a supportive and cohesive workforce that thrives on collective success.

Encourage Innovation and Creativity

Apart from being crucial elements for growth and success, innovation and creativity also help differentiate your brokerage’s culture from the competition. To achieve this, create an environment that encourages employees to think outside the box and explore new ideas. Let them know that innovative concepts are not only welcome, but also recognized and rewarded.

To further promote this behavior, you can provide resources for professional development. When they’re equipped with the latest skills and information, your employees can feel more confident in challenging conventions and finding new perspectives.

Prioritize Employee Development and Overall Wellbeing

If you want to attract top-performing real estate agents to your brokerage, you need to create an environment where they can continuously improve. You can do this by offering comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and continuous learning initiatives.

More than professional development, however, it’s also important to promote work-life balance as an integral part of your brokerage’s culture. Encourage your people to take small breaks within the work day to minimize both physical and mental stress. You can also include extra vacation days and access to mental health care in your employee compensation package.

The bottom line is that a strong company culture puts a premium on both the professional development and the welfare of employees. If your brokerage can communicate and implement this well, it will be easier to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

No matter how competitive your real estate brokerage is, real estate agents will be reluctant to work with you if they don’t feel like they’re welcome. This means that you need to embrace diversity and inclusion as part of your overall company culture.

You can start by creating policies that promote equal opportunities and address unconscious biases. These should apply to every aspect of your operations, from the recruitment process to how you promote employees. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture, your brokerage can enjoy a positive reputation that makes it more appealing to candidates.

Leverage Technology and Modern Work Practices

Last but certainly not least, your willingness to adopt technology has a big impact on your company culture. In particular, it can highlight your adaptability and whether or not you’re open to investing in tools that help make your employees more productive.

Aside from technology, you should also consider incorporating modern work practices like remote work and flexible schedules in your brokerage. This helps you build a culture that puts a premium on trust, employee autonomy, and work-life balance.


The term “company culture” is more than just a buzzword. It’s an important element of your real estate brokerage’s identity and a significant contributor to the public’s perception of your brand. Most importantly, company culture can make or break your chances at attracting top real estate agents to work with you.

Take note of the above-mentioned points to help you cultivate a company culture or redevelop your existing one. This way, you can create a working environment that supports employees’ growth and well-being. 


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