Choosing the company that best suits your values

Jun 9, 2022
Choosing the company that best suits your values

A new employee is an important investment, so it is necessary to make sure that the candidate is the person that the organization needs. It's not just about assessing skills and experience. Beyond that, the employer must obtain all possible information about the candidate to identify their values and if they match the company's culture. In the same way, a candidate must study the company to see if their values and culture adapt to their own. If we see it from the candidate’s point of view, some companies have the ideal conditions to grow on a professional and personal level. That is why it is important for the employee that their values and culture are aligned with those of the company. The good match will guarantee the performance, connection, and development of the worker.

Here are 10 styles of business cultures for you to keep in mind when evaluating your next employer:


It is the basis of motivation for workers. A company that is committed to innovation encourages all its employees to present novel and unconventional ideas. Organizations with values ​​and innovative culture excite people who like to break schemes.

Personal and work balance

Flexible work has gained popularity. More and more companies adopt this modality to promote a healthy balance between work and personal life. But some companies keep the traditional eight-hour schedule in the office. Both the worker and the employer can find the ideal model for both parties.


Employees value recognition. Some appreciate the tangible reward more than others, but in the end, it is important to establish formal incentive programs for workers that boost the values ​​and culture of the company with their behavior. For many employees, this represents an important element to take into account in a company.


Some companies establish a balance between independence and collaboration. It will depend on the applicant how they want to work to decide if the model of the organization suits their style.

Support and team

Teamwork contributes to the exchange of knowledge and experience in workers. The quality of the relationships that are built during the development of a project will affect the employees’ satisfaction. This is an important point because the chemistry between colleagues, as well as the values ​​and culture of the company are reflected in how the objectives are met. In the end, this determines the cultural setting.

Diversity and inclusion

Companies are aware of the benefits of bringing together people from different backgrounds and experiences. It has been shown that diversity is not only valued for contributions to work but because it contributes to the culture it creates. This factor is crucial for the candidate.

Ethics and values

Every day, more companies are recognizing the importance of adding ethical practices to their management. Usually, organizations publish their qualities. The worker must study and determine to what extent they are identified with the company's values.


To the extent that the worker understands their role and their alignment with the company, they will have a better chance of adjusting to the culture.

Recognition and sense of influence

It is a way to establish commitment between the company and the employee. A recognized worker within the company will increase their attachment to the organization. In some cases, recognition will have more influence.


Transparency is essential to create a reliable work environment. As long as the employee is kept informed about their function and the transcendent facts of the company, it will contribute to the cultural adjustment.

The importance of making clear values ​​and culture

Companies must make an effort to show candidates and workers their values ​​and culture. Leaving everything to chance can mean that all the investment that was made in a new contract is lost. Therefore, specialists consider these four aspects:

Define the culture and vision of the company. Define the culture and vision of the company. It is the main step, but many small companies do not pay much attention to this point.

Write the job announcements with the culture of the company present. This should reflect the brand and values ​​of the company. It is the initial step to let the public know the essence of the organization.

Include company questions in interviews. To know and ensure the successful cultural adjustment of the next employees, the indicated thing is to ask the candidates about their values ​​and objectives indirectly. A question suggested by specialists is: "What goal did you achieve last summer?" A good interview will determine how viable the candidate's cultural adjustment can be.

Compile comments. Once the evaluation of the interviews is complete, it is advisable to talk again with the applicants to get a clear idea of their comments. That will help to see if they fit into the company's culture. In the job search process, as a candidate, you should look for organizations that offer you benefits. Beyond the conditions of hiring, training, and promotion possibilities, it is necessary to evaluate the values and culture of the companies to find the one that you can adjust based on your principles. It is important to remember that you will spend a lot of time connected to your work; so ideally, you can achieve happiness in that relationship.


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