Navigating Modern Work Realities: BlaBlaCar's Remote Work Strategy and Inclusive Culture

Sep 19, 2023
Navigating Modern Work Realities: BlaBlaCar's Remote Work Strategy and Inclusive Culture

In an era characterized by evolving work norms, BlaBlaCar, the world’s largest carpooling platform, has embarked on a unique venture to redefine the contours of remote work. This case study delves into BlaBlaCar's innovative remote work approach, its substantial influence on employee satisfaction, and the company's concerted efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity.


BlaBlaNomad Remote Work Policy: Redefining Work Dynamics

The "BlaBlaNomad" policy, introduced in 2022, has emerged as a hallmark of flexibility and adaptability in the realm of remote work. Rooted in individual autonomy and collective coherence, the policy offers a spectrum of work arrangements, ranging from hybrid models to complete remote work, with exceptions for roles mandating physical presence.


“Today, around 30% of our employees are fully remote company-wide, and more than 39% of our engineering team. Overall we have received positive feedback, especially in recruitment where many are surprised when we present what we offer for our full remote employees,”
says BlaBlaCar.


This policy is distinguished by several pivotal elements:

  • Flexible Work Environment: BlaBlaCar empowers employees by providing them with a designated budget to curate an ergonomic and efficient remote workspace, enhancing comfort and productivity.
  • Fostering Connection: While accommodating remote work, the company encourages regular office visits once per month (trip expenses are covered) for full remote employees, fostering team camaraderie and reinforcing the sense of belonging.
  • Enabling Co-Working Dynamics: Recognizing the value of shared creative spaces, BlaBlaCar extends a co-working allowance to remote employees, facilitating interaction within a collaborative community.


Assessing the Impact: Unveiling Employee Insights

The advent of the BlaBlaNomad policy has not only been transformative but also resonated profoundly with employees. As the workforce adjusts to new work paradigms, the policy has translated into heightened job satisfaction, improved work-life balance, and a notable boost in overall morale. BlaBlaCar's employee NPS was 43 in 2022 which is 13 points above the average for a European tech company. 


“There are many things contributing to people feeling good working for BlaBlaCar, but it usually circles around our culture and the different actions our Engagement team takes to make our employees happy.

Impact is an important part of our EVP and is something everyone contributes to through their job. As our employees are working on a product that has a positive impact on the environment and our community, the direct impact of our employees is measurable and concrete. 

Many of our employees mention our product when asked what they like the most about their job, as they are able to make an impact on a product that people know, and is used by over 26 million people per year. ” 

Driving Innovation: The Friday Tech Demo and Wednesday BlaBlaTalk

In the quest to stimulate innovation, BlaBlaCar orchestrates the weekly "Friday Tech Demo" and "BlaBlaTalk." These platforms provide employees with opportunities to showcase their expertise, sparking cross-functional inspiration and fostering an environment of learning.


Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit: The BlaBlaMafia Network

Going beyond the core business, the BlaBlaMafia network comprises entrepreneurial ventures initiated by former BlaBlaCar employees. While primarily in France, this network underscores the company's legacy of nurturing innovation and fostering novel enterprises.


Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: A Spectrum of Initiatives

BlaBlaCar's dedication to diversity and inclusivity is evident through several initiatives:

  • Inclusive Recruitment Practices: Equipping hiring teams with tools to mitigate bias and employing inclusive communication strategies to convey the company's commitment to diversity.
  • Empowering Women in Engineering: Collaborating with institutions like Ada Tech School and setting explicit recruitment targets, BlaBlaCar aims to amplify female representation in technical roles.
  • Mentorship for Growth: The RISE mentorship program is a testament to BlaBlaCar's endeavor to empower women's professional growth, facilitating their journey into leadership roles.


Seeking the Ideal BlaBlaCar Team Member

BlaBlaCar's journey thrives on the synergy of individuals who resonate with the company's core values, aptly encapsulated in the BlaBlaPrinciples. As the company expands its horizons while staying rooted in its mission, BlaBlaCar is on the lookout for individuals who embody these principles and are driven by a shared commitment to their carpooling community.

  1. Empathetic Connectors: BlaBlaCar is in search of individuals who innately understand the value they bring to its members. Empathy drives the company to experience their journey, listen to their needs, and design solutions that resonate with their unique perspectives.
  2. Collaborative Learners: The ideal BlaBlaCar team member thrives in a culture of collective growth. They seek those who are eager to learn from peers, share knowledge generously, and fuel a dynamic exchange of insights across teams.
  3. Innovative Explorers: BlaBlaCar’s team welcomes individuals who dare to venture into uncharted territories, embracing innovation and calculated risks. BlaBlaCar believes in fostering an environment where audacious ideas are nurtured and learning from failures is viewed as a stepping stone to progress.
  4. Visionary Executors: The dreamers and doers – that's who BlaBlaCar seeks. The company values those who transform ideas into actions through bold decisions and unwavering dedication. The trifecta of Dream, Decide and Deliver guides their approach.
  5. Resourceful Creators: BlaBlaCar is drawn to resourceful minds who understand the significance of frugality and sustainability. Those who can weave creativity into a lean yet impactful user experience, ensuring every resource is harnessed for long-term growth.
  6. Playful Professionals: The BlaBlaCar team thrives on the pillars of collective fun rooted in individual seriousness. They are on the lookout for individuals who bring their passion and commitment to work, creating a vibrant environment where fun and professionalism coexist harmoniously.

As BlaBlaCar evolves, so does its quest for the ideal team member who aligns with core ethos and values. If you are passionate about crafting innovative solutions, empathetic to our community's needs, and eager to join a team that combines professionalism with a touch of playfulness, you might just be the perfect fit for BlaBlaCar's journey of revolutionizing travel solutions. Check current job openings from BlaBlaCar.

A Glimpse into the Future

BlaBlaCar's journey transcends the realms of remote work and diversity initiatives. The company's commitment to society's well-being is reflected in the impact of its product, which advocates sustainability and community welfare. Employees are integral to this mission, as they actively contribute to a product that impacts millions across the globe.

BlaBlaCar's expedition through the domains of remote work, diversity, and innovation underscores the dynamics of an agile organization at the cusp of change. The BlaBlaNomad policy, a manifestation of individual aspirations woven into a cohesive narrative, has ushered in an era of equilibrium in work approaches. As BlaBlaCar continues charting its course, navigating uncharted territories, its dedication to its workforce's growth and the global community's betterment remains a beacon of progress.

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