A new job for a new life

Jun 9, 2022
A new job for a new life

In Europe, the average number of years worked in a lifetime is 35 years, or almost half a lifetime. This means that work plays an essential role in our lives. On one hand, it can be the source of real fulfillment if it corresponds to our deepest aspirations. On the other hand, it can be the source of real dissatisfaction which can even lead to the destruction of our private life if it is experienced as being undergone rather than chosen.

Unfortunately, this is how most employees experience work. The figures on this subject leave little room for doubt. Only 15% of employees worldwide say they are committed and/or satisfied with their company. A disease that pushes more and more people, driven by a necessary search for meaning in their work, to consider new possibilities. A survey on meaning at work, carried out in 2019 by Kantar TNS for Randstad, revealed that 18% of French people feel they have a "useless" job. Twenty-three percent were ready to start their own business and 20% were ready to "radically change" their profession.

Whether you are 30, 40, or even 50 years old, you should no longer hesitate to take the plunge. Job dissatisfaction is not inevitable. However, it's not a question of rushing headlong towards the first job you spot (even if it looks perfect on paper). A clear mind and thoughtfulness to the end will exponentially increase the chances of success.

What is expected from a career change :

  • More freedom?
  • Less stress?
  • More money?
  • A move out of the city?
  • Etc.

What is my ultimate goal, the one that is going to move me towards the job that truly corresponds to my aspirations?

That's why you should not hesitate to :

  • Take stock of what you really want (or don't want).
  • Do a thorough review of your skills to find out what it takes to make a successful career change.
  • Establish a step-by-step plan to successfully achieve the final goal.

Fear of change is deeply ingrained in people's consciousness. It is directly related to the fear of failure. This is why it is advisable to focus your energy on the processes that need to be put in place to achieve the goal you have set, since (at least at the beginning) the final objective may seem out of reach. Focusing too much on the final goal can lead to paralysis in decision making or even to an early renunciation, as the task is wrongly considered too difficult.

People who take few risks often do so because they have placed unconscious limits on their potential. Or they operate on the basis of information that is held to be true but is completely disconnected from reality.

Who, for example, decided that people over 50 couldn't reinvent themselves? While the famous work weekend, work weekend daily routine has taken a nosedive, and the quest for meaning at work has never been more present, why continue in a " bullshit job "?In this context, entrepreneurship is increasingly popular. And contrary to popular belief, it is the over-50s who have the greatest chance of success as self-employed people. According to the latest information on the RetiredBrains website, people over 55, who have real life experience both professionally and personally, are almost twice as likely to set up successful businesses as those aged 20 to 34.  

This shows that, regardless of age, anything is possible. As long as you make the decision to go for it. But nothing in 2020 justifies remaining literally unhappy at one's workstation. There is no such thing as fate. The future is a blank page and it is up to us to fulfill our dreams.


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