8 keys to know if you have found your vocation

Jun 9, 2022
8 keys to know if you have found your vocation

How many of you want to find your dream job? We guess many. Almost everyone wants to fulfill a role that is financially and emotionally satisfactory, as well as having a social impact. Only those who discover their vocation can align these three objectives to achieve personal and work balance.

People find their purpose in life when they are guided by their vocation, which lets them be in harmony with their environment. Just by looking at them we can notice the satisfaction they get from performing their tasks, as well as the degree of concentration to achieve excellence and the feeling of pleasure in reaching their objectives. In these cases, work and lifestyle have a close relationship.

When it comes to the labor field, it is essential to set a difference between vocation, work, and career. Work provides a salary and, in some cases, social benefits. The career also allows you to earn a check but with the motivation to advance in the chosen profession; while vocation is the emotional connection with work that drives people to be more passionate, to strive longer to contribute for a cause. Those who belong to this group are more satisfied with their professional situation.

Joining personal values with work values is an important step to know your vocation. For someone to feel that they fulfill a transcendent mission with their work, they must make sure that their passions and abilities complement their profession and remuneration, and finally, that their work has a weight in society.

Experiencing work from the perspective of vocation is what we all dream of.

Here we will present some signs that indicate that people have discovered their vocation.

How to know if you found your vocation?

Vocation represents the essence of people. In most cases, discovering it is a process that takes time, but those who achieve that purpose have these traits:

  1. They do not feel like they are working. Work is a way of life; it is the lifestyle they want. They can hardly distinguish between work, hobby, and life. In everything they do, they continuously pursue their vision of a full life.
  2. They are aligned with their fundamental values. Their activities are an extension of their beliefs. They live fully because what they do is in harmony with what they are. Every day they work to build the world they imagine.
  3. They are willing to suffer. They are not afraid of challenges and can endure difficulties, rejection, and sacrifice. These obstacles motivate them to improve. In fact, they see pain and discomfort in the short term as tremendous opportunities for learning.
  4. They don’t watch the clock. They are so immersed in their tasks that they do not pay attention to the passage of time. In many cases, at the beginning of the afternoon, they realize that they have spent five hours without watching the clock. Their instinct tells them that they have to continue creating, even outside of their work schedule.
  5. Independent research and training. They strive to study courses or careers linked to their area. They update their knowledge and want to know more every day. Their curiosity has no limits; that's why they are thirsty for reading and researching by themselves rather than taking masters and postgraduates.
  6. Commitment is an honor. When they discover that their life and work are crossed, they are easily engaged. They don’t doubt, and both their heart and mind say "yes" to each professional challenge.
  7. They fall exhausted and are ready for the next day. They go to bed pleased by the goals they achieved in the workday. No matter how tired they are, they think about how to meet the goals the next day.
  8. Professional success. If they are passionate about their job and they are good at achieving the goals, there is an excellent chance of success. Beyond fame and money, people driven by their vocation fulfill their goals and feel that they help others.


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